Sunday, February 16, 2014


Bibi Aisha is 19. A National Geographic photographer, Lynsey Addario, reports that “Bibi’s husband, a Taliban fighter, beat her from the day she was married, at age 12. After she escaped to seek a neighbour's help, her husband cut off her nose, ears, and hair.” 

Bibi got off lightly.

As Western troops depart Afghanistan, President Hamid Karzai has shown his intention to return his dysfunctional nation to a sharia stone-age by releasing 35 Taliban terrorists from jail and legislating to make it nigh impossible to prosecute cases involving the cowardly abuse and disfigurement of women and children.

Addario explains, “Basically what it's (Karzai’s new legislation) is saying is that, at the insistence of the Taliban, relatives cannot now testify when a woman has been assaulted, maimed or raped.
"Essentially what that means is that no-one can testify, because a woman only sees relatives, and a woman is only seen by relatives.” 

Last year, Afghanistan increased its Taliban opium production (it already had 95% of the world market) grown with US acquiescence, and boasts a 28 percent increase in reports of horrific attacks on women and girls.

Under the guise of negotiating a parallel government with the Taliban, Karzai is enshrining sharia law in a worse form in return for his hold on tenure.

It’s no surprise that every nation the coalition of the willing has interfered with is now worse off. Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt and much of north Africa along with northern Pakistan are now more radicalised as a result of forlorn attempts to impose on Islamic nations our Western style democracy. 

Islam and democracy go together like sardines and condensed milk, yet we insist on importing an unadaptable, vile cult determined to destroy Western cultures in the same way as the Taliban’s flood of debilitating opium derivatives. 

Their belief in sharia/Islam is far stronger than the West’s belief in Christianity. Wide-eyed men, after violently raping our 14 year old girls, exclaim, “What did we do wrong?”

But really it comes down to what WE did wrong by aspiring to a multicultural PC ideal that works for everything except Islam. 

“When in Rome” doesn’t apply to radical adherents of Islam, and if you can tell the radical from the moderate, then you’re a bloody genius because no-one else can,...until it’s too late.
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