Saturday, February 15, 2014


Two refugees who were returned to Indonesia in a lifeboat later died, according to a report in yesterday’s Jakarta Post. “Their ‘gifted’ lifeboat landed in jungle on the Javanese coast. The refugees and Indonesian crew then had to find their way through the jungle where two refugees drowned trying to cross a river.”

The author claims Australian Navy personnel mistreated, kicked and refused the use of toilets to “refugees”. "They operate a racist Facebook page and continue to illegally seize boats that belong to Indonesian citizens."

In an extended article the author concludes that, “...the forcible transfer of such people to other boats, and the coerced towing of them to a destination not of their choice would all seem to amount to piracy.

“Personally, I would like to see Immigration and Border Protection Minister, Scott Morrison, and the puppet General doing his work, charged with piracy and criminal negligence causing death.”

The whole story appeared to be an Indonesian journalist’s slanderous anti-Australian beat-up for domestic consumption. But No!

The author of this treasonous tirade is Melbourne based Mr Max Lane (pictured) who teaches politics at Victoria University in Footscray.

Thank Christ we’re not at war with anyone!

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