Sunday, August 18, 2013

Indonesian Hypocrisy - The Indonesian Military has been ordered to be prepared to intercept the journey of two boats carrying pro-West Papua independence activists from Australia BUT WONT PREVENT BOATS CARRYING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS LEAVING FOR AUSTRALIA

The Navy and Air Force have been told to standby and anticipate their journey the Defence minister said. “That there should be no nation allowing its soil to be used as a departure point for the movement of a group aimed at disturbing other nation’s sovereignty. That is very clear.”

The minister also confirmed the government had never issued visas to the activists and permission for the boats to enter Indonesian waters.

 “I heard they are concerned about violence and human rights. I think the Indonesian government shares similar concerns,” Djoko said. 

Reports over a plan by the activists to sail to Indonesian territory without permission came only days after President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono made a state speech which included an appeal for nations to respect Indonesia’s sovereignty over Papua. 

The two boats would sail from Cairns, East Australia, through the Torres Strait and on to Papua New Guinea, from there; they hope to make the trip to Merauke, easternmost city in the Papua province, according to The Guardian.

 The West Papuan Freedom Flotilla movement, which consisted of some 50 activists, was aimed at “highlighting abuses faced by West Papuans under Indonesian rule.” They planned to land in Merauke within a fortnight. 

Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa said on Saturday he had received information about the plan. “We keep monitoring the information. We are also making communications with the Australian and Papua New Guinean governments,” he said, reiterating that the governments of both Australia and Papua New Guinea had expressed their supports to Papua as an integral part to Indonesia.(dic)

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  1. what is the purpose of the image that is in your article headline above??
    why there are still people who want to interfere in the affairs of other people's families??
    be wise, that's a symbol of our country