Thursday, August 22, 2013

Indonesia Arms Build-up – Helicopter Apache Momentum Continues as TNI Military Visits US

An AH-64 Apache from the US Army’s 101st Aviation Regiment in Iraq

Representatives from Indonesia’s armed forces visited a Boeing production center in the US state of Arizona to view eight AH-64E Apache combat helicopters, which Indonesia has been trying to buy for over a year, the aircraft manufacturer said on Thursday.

“The Apache is expected to be a key part of Indonesia’s continuing efforts to improve its strategic defense capabilities,” said Dave Brostrom, a Boeing business development manager.
The 14-person delegation, which included Army Chief Gen. Moeldoko and Defense Ministry Secretary General Lt. Gen. Budiman, viewed the latest Apache models and met with US officials.
Indonesia has expressed interest in buying helicopters from the US Army through a foreign military-sales agreement, and has received approval from the US government to do so, Boeing said.

According to Brostrom, Indonesia has also expressed interest in the CH-47F Chinook, which is produced in Pennsylvania.

When it first emerged that Indonesia was looking to acquire the eight Apaches, two human rights groups sent a letter to the US Congress, calling on legislators to reject the sale on human-rights grounds.

The East Timor Action Network and West Papua Advocacy Team said that Indonesia’s “long record of disregard for civilian casualties, corruption, human rights violations and impunity” should preclude the sale of the helicopters.

The time frame for a decision on the Apache request has not been announced, Boeing said, while there was no comment from Indonesia on when a deal would be announced.
The AH-64 Apache is the primary attack helicopter of  the US, Greece, Israel, the Netherlands and Singapore. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)


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