Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Indonesian police chief, General Sutarman, “would not prevent” asylum seekers on boats from reaching Australia via Christmas Island

The UNHCR reports the number of  "asylum seekers" in Indonesia seeking their assistance has increased from 385 in 2008, when Kevin Rudd dismantled  our borders, to 7,218 last year. Yesterday, 

Indonesian police chief, General Sutarman, said his officers “would not prevent” asylum seekers on boats from reaching Australia via Christmas Island.

All blue-blooded Australians (except of course the Greens, Fairfax and the ABC) will interpret this to mean Indonesia intends to facilitate illegal immigrants breaching of our borders.

The truth is that Indonesia intends to continue exactly what it has been doing for 5 years. It also intends not to respond to distress calls from sinking boats, preferring to rely on Australia to prevent further drownings, even within their own waters.

Nothing new there.

The cyclone season is now under way and the Indonesians appear to have about as much respect for human life as they have for our sovereignty.

They know where the boats leave from, they know who the crews are and they know exactly who intends to enter Australia illegally. After all, those prospective illegals have only recently passed through their Immigration Department at Jakarta airport and have been given the all clear, with the appropriate bribe of course, to depart to Oz.

Tony Abbott’s craven soft-shoe-diplomatic-shuffle has the people traffickers rubbing their hands with glee. The Indonesians are simply confirming their entrenched disrespect for us.

Like most Australians Tony Abbott has not lived in third-world countries where corruption is a way of life. Meek submissiveness will only embolden the dragon.

The boat problem will only be solved by grabbing a few coat lapels, bumping a few heads and explaining that we will not tolerate this sort of crap.

President Yudhoyono is on the front foot, gloating at the public outrage he has fostered against Australia. He intends to humiliate us further, gaining popular support by degrading his southern neighbour. Never before has Australia shown this degree of weakness.

Abbott, Bishop and Morrison need to re-jig their tactics if they want this boat problem solved quickly. We are by far the more powerful and dominant nation... we should act like it.

Show the Islamic dragon your weakness and it will devour you, show it your strength and it will cower in concession, where you can debate its diet.’Pickering Post’

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