Friday, November 29, 2013

Indonesia plans to build 30MW nuclear power plant

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Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesias Research and Technology Ministry will construct a nuclear power plant, a ministry official has said.

"We will build a nuclear reactor for generating power," Research and Technology Minister Gusti Muhammad Hatta announced here on Friday.

The location of the nuclear power plant, which will have a capacity of approximately 30 MW, has not yet been decided.

"We have one small reactor in Serpong, but it is primarily used for research. It is time to build a reactor that actually generates electricity," the minister noted.

The development of a nuclear power plant will prove to the world that Indonesia has nuclear capabilities, he added.

"We have been managing nuclear reactors for 30 years quite capably. We also have several nuclear experts with international certification," the minister pointed out.

The expectation is that the new nuclear power plant will be located in Bangka Belitung, which is rich in uranium deposits.

"The government is committed to continuously disseminating information about nuclear reactors and their development to the community," Gusti added.

According to a survey conducted by an independent organization for the National Nuclear Energy Agency, BATAN, 76.5 percent of Indonesians approve of nuclear development for scientific and technological purposes, such as energy development, health, animal husbandry and food security.

Another survey in 2013 showed that as much as 60.4 percent of the public approved the construction of a nuclear power plant.


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  2. They should use Kirk Sorenson's LFTR concept for their powerplants. Thorium based nuclear power IS the wave of the future (unless we get fusion and/or LENR, of course).

    1. As you suspect LENr (alias Cold Fusion) is getting industrial...
      There are already industrial test of E-cat reactor done by the swedish research consortium Elforsk for Vattenfal.
      for more information you can read that nice balanced article
      which question the evidences today.

      my executive summary is more brutal

      NB: normally no fission reactor will be installe before LENR is public (too slow). you can expect first publci sale in few years...

      LENR is much safer and allow small powerplant.
      I even hope they can make a kitchen stove or a rice-cooker

  3. Alain, like you, I've been following the development of LENR for some years. I've had my doubts about Rossi & Co. I hope he is for real and not running any kind of scam. Maybe his generator will be in use by spring of next year.
    There are at least 5 other start-ups in the LENR arena. So even if Rossi does turn out to be a scammer, there are enough of them that one of them is likely to be successful.

    I think the Widom-Larsen theory is the likely explanation of the phenomenon. If correct, LENR will not only give us plenty of cheap energy, but transmutation on industrial scale. The transmutation is energy intensive and will likely be limited to the production of Platinum-group metals (PGM's) from more common elements (good bye to Platinum/Gold mining as well as these proposed asteroid mining ventures).

    1. I've had some doubt on Rossi, from his ambiguous profile... I was suspecting some manipulations, but from data not total scam. His behavior about TEG for DoD was suspicious. today there are some coherent explanation that are compatible with a normally honest (tax evasion, banckruptcy evasion at worst).
      You can get some data in that thread with many data:

      anyway no need to trust rossi, since Elforsk make his test. It is not possible to arganize a fraud when you don't know what the testers will bring as instruments, and when you allow them to touch the reactor, unplug the wires...

      For widom-Larsen I nom less supportive. Kim Zubarev BEC theory seems more interesting, but I feel that all theory are still wrong, yet they probably own part of the reality.

      what is sure is that LENR have been ruined by too much theoretical concern, by enemies who assumed it was impossible, and by too many supporters who proposed new physics instead of improving experiments.

      for transmutations I'm afraid it won't create much matter.
      at most it may help to clean trace of radioactive waste

    2. You're right. At this point, Rossi is probably real. My explanation for his dodgyness over the past 18 months was simply due to him having problems with his process. Hopefully the bugs are worked out. I agree about the obsession of theory over experimentation. Some of this was obviously driven by ideology (scientist defending their turf, the neo-malthusian "die-off" crowd who actually oppose a positive-sum solution to energy production, etc.). Anyways, the cat is out of the bag and commercialization is likely by the end of this decade.

      I stand by my comment about transmutation. PGM's (and Hafnium) are expensive enough that LENR transmutation may be cost-effective method to produce these materials, rather than mining them. Its unlikely to be cost effective for producing any other element used in industry. PGM's are about a $7 billion a year market, a zit compared to energy generation.

  4. There are also start-ups developing alternative plasma fusion concepts. Most of these are variants of FRC (field reverse configuration) such as Tri-Alpha Energy and John Slough's concept. Bussard's IEC Polywell is among these, which is being funded by the U.S. Navy. It is possible we will get commercial plasma fusion as well as LENR within 10 years. I do not consider the government-funded big science fusion projects such as ITER and NIF to be viable concepts. These are essentially "jobs programs" for PhD's.

    Thorium fission power, like Kirk Sorensen's LFTR, is the back up option if both hot fusion and LENR do not work out. Both the LFTR and other concepts offer fission power that has near 100% "burn up" (e.g. no nuclear waste) as well as melt-down proof. Bill Gates is financing the development of a traveling wave reactor that would actually use nuclear waste from current power plants as fuel.

    My point is that the energy future is definitely unlimited and is based on nuclear processes, which are 6 magnitudes of order more efficient than chemical processes at generating useful power.