Saturday, January 11, 2014


Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, is playing a clever game of illegal boat chess while Bill Shorten is the boy looking on without a clue how each man moves. This is how the game is panning out and the Indonesian Government doesn’t even know, or care, that a chess game is going on.

There is always an element of respect between militaries, in third world nations they are often the only constant, and Abbott engaged our military to operate on a diplomatic level for good reasons. 

The Abbott Government has allowed itself to remain at arms length from covert military negotiations, at least publicly, and the Indonesian Government can safely be frozen out of the decision-making process... and here’s why:

On April 9, Indonesia holds its general election and SBY’s Democrats, many of whom are in jail over graft, bribery and corruption charges, are unlikely to be returned leaving SBY as an administrative lame-duck President until the July 9 Presidential elections when, after the conclusion of his three terms and in a worsening economy, he must resign anyway.
(It’s ironic that half of Abbott’s obstructionist Senate gets the boot at the same time.)

Indonesian election rules require a party, or a coalition, to hold at least 20 percent of the seats or win at least 25 percent of the vote in the April legislative election to qualify to nominate a Presidential candidate. 

SBY’s party may not even qualify as its polls dive and candidates are forced to pay their own election expenses because the Democrats have only been able to raise a war chest of the equivalent of $A4mil in rupiah.

So, not only is the current Government unlikely to win the April 9 legislative election but may not attract sufficient votes to allow it to even field a Presidential candidate later in the year.
SBY is now toying with nominating for Vice President and that’s a desperate move that can’t succeed.

Tony Abbott has done something Bill Shorten and co. could never have conceived of and, judging by their howls of criticism over a lack of information, don’t even understand now.
Trying to conduct illegal boat diplomacy against a backdrop of a ruling Party in survival mode is pointless and has resulted in no more than an Indonesian Government “tough talking” to its diminishing constituents. 

They clearly don’t know, or even care, what is going on as the military once again dons the cloak of an interim Government. 

The boats are being turned back, as Abbott said they would be, and much to the surprise of Shorten, Hanson-Young and SBY’s ministers. 

The extent to which military palms have been greased will never be known, but there is no doubt they have been, using funds excised from the aid budget.

We are witnessing an Abbott Government masterstroke overseen by Morrison. 

Abbott and Morrison quickly realised the Indonesian Government was in a state of flux and the military the only political constant. For SBY to have a barney with his military now would be bloody suicide and our, and their, military understands that.

With as much humility as I can muster, Pickering Post has been saying since early last year that Kevin Rudd’s boat disaster will only be resolved through the military with money saved from potential future costs... $14 billion so far, and as I said in a previous post, “five per cent of that goes a long way in the military brass”.

Bill Shorten needs to learn to play chess. SH-Y needs to stop playing with herself and either way it’s checkmate SBY! (“The Pickering Post”)

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