Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Indonesia-Australia WAR GAMES: Abbott (1) SBY (0)

It is impossible for a modern Navy vessel not to know exactly where it is at any time to within a metre. 

So, is there more to this?

Tony Abbott says, “There have regrettably been several occasions when our vessels have mistakenly entered Indonesian waters”. Mistakenly? 
Captains and crews would need to have been asleep and their sophisticated GPS equipment unserviceable for that sort of multiple “mistake”. 

It certainly didn’t happen mistakenly, so what’s it all about?

Tony Abbott is simply telling the Indonesians they are neglecting to monitor their southern maritime borders. 

They are guilty of that of course and Abbott has cleverly highlighted their reluctance to intercept illegal emigration in the form of a heartfelt apology.

The result? Indonesia has been shown that its borders are militarily porous and it has now quickly “bolstered” its naval representation on its southern borders. 

And that’s exactly what Abbott wanted.

Now, when illegal smugglers aren’t intercepted by the Indonesian Navy, only two conclusions can be drawn: 

Either the Indonesian Navy refuses to intercept them or they have proved themselves totally incompetent. The latter option being a PR disaster for their upcoming general election.

For the sake of a simple “heartfelt” apology Abbott has successfully wedged the Indonesians and forced them to either show their incompetence or stop their damned boats!

If it ever gets to war games they had better bring their prayer mats.

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