Monday, January 6, 2014


Imagine an ice mass larger than all of Europe, or almost twice the size of Australia. Hard to conceive of anything that size, I know. Then imagine a little blue boat full of wankers approaching a little bay somewhere on the 32,000 km coastline of that ice mass determined to prove global warming.

Well that part’s a little easier to conceive of because it just happened.

To trek from one side of Antarctica to the other you would have to cover a distance from Brisbane to Vietnam, climbing four kilometre high mountain ranges and dodging active volcanoes while enduring temperatures of down to minus 80 deg. Good luck!

Did the Dutch understand Australia by taking soil samples in Dampier? We know more about Mars than we know about that continent.

The UN’s discredited IPCC is not a meteorological body, conducts no research and monitors no climate data. It simply collates thousands of warmist-only views and presents them as fact.
Of course the IPCC has been knowingly conned by the best of the warmists and it doesn’t seem to care that it predicted snowless Himalayas with a straight face.

Here’s the greatest scam yet devised: Have a billion dollar bet that Al Gore can convince a gullible Green World that man is making the globe hot. Frighten people into electing Green governments that will carbon tax the Christ out of their economies and we (the UN) will cop ten per cent of whatever is raised to create the New World Order that Bob Brown forecast. 

Thank God all governments weren’t as stupid as Gillard’s Greens which came close to installing Australia as the World’s number one idiot.

The global warming scam is unravelling quicker than Julia’s knitting as the climate misbehaves in every way opposite to the Green gophers’ predictions.

Those of the Left are still clinging by their fingernails to anthropogenic warming but they have clearly lost this battle. 

Intelligence has won over stupidity as Europe and North America tries to dig itself out of unprecedented blizzards while both polar caps expand and volcanoes undo all their 5% reduction nonsense.

Don’t worry, the UN will soon come up with another new scam to finance their New World Order. 

But next time it will be a case of “fool us once...”.

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  1. 'Then imagine a little blue boat full of wankers approaching a little bay'. Made me chuckle. Thanks for posting Mr. Collison.