Saturday, January 11, 2014


It would be nice to believe the deaths of 40 of our young blokes made a difference, and while we were there it probably did, but will it be worth their families’ endless pain when Islamic barbarism is again left to its own resources? How can foot soldiers change a culture of suicide for a cause when it took two atom bombs to change Japan’s ... and their allegiance was to a mere emperor.

Throw an ethereal god into the mix and you are fighting with smoke.

To understand Islam’s sharia “law” you first need to understand how a father can strap a suicide vest to his 10-year-old daughter and insist she blow herself up. 

Virgins may have awaited his son but his daughter was merely an unrewarded, disposable female.

If you understand that then you understand Islamic extremism.

Wherever the West has interfered in this base culture it loses our young men’s lives and incentivises Islamic radicals.

Disposing of strongman Saddam Hussein left Iraq leaderless and lawless in a civil war. Iraq is much worse off.

Disposing of Libya’s Gaddafi has given Al Queda a new North African foothold. Libya is much worse off.

Obama’s support of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has led to the overthrow of an “elected” Morsi, a military coup and civil war. Egypt is much worse off.

Obama’s support of Syrian rebels has united and emboldened Al Queda factions at the cost of 100,000 lives, a refugee catastrophe and an ongoing civil war. Syria is much worse off.

The US and our compliant involvement in Afghanistan is another disaster. A makeshift Afghani army and police force that loses half its recruits to desertions while the other half remain as Taliban plants conducting Green on Blue atrocities. 

It’s a pathetic patch to justify an ignominious coalition retreat.

Now the stone-age Taliban will return their country to wretched Islamic extremism. Girls’ schools will be bombed, women and children will be stoned and beheaded while it continues to fund itself by supplying the West with 95% of the world’s opium. Allahu Akbar!

The U.S. military has openly acted to protect and support the Afghan opium trade because they say, now get this: “If we don’t, the farmers will get angry and support the Taliban”. WTF?

If we continue to follow NATO, the UK and US tolerance of Islamic extremism by continuing to import this despicable culture to our shores, then our children will need to fight the war from their bedroom windows.

The answer? There is none because, as the Islamic foe says, “You may have the watch but we have the time.”
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