Monday, January 27, 2014


As with all third-world Islamic States, Indonesia has an inflated concept of its own military capability. The will of Allah is their secret weapon and he will ensure the infidels’ destruction in any conflict. That hasn’t been the case of course, yet it hasn’t dulled their genuine belief in Islamic supremacy.

The time for diplomatic niceties is fast running out as Abbott ups the ante with this ominous home truth: “We respect Indonesia’s sovereign borders as indeed Indonesia should respect ours”. 
“Should” will soon become “must”, if the fools persist.

It is inconceivable (to any non Islamic country) that illegal immigrants can be exported to another nation’s shores against its will. And no self respecting first-world country worth its salt would allow that to happen.

Indonesian politicians can read and are encouraged by our far Left Press and unpatriotic Greens. 

They listen to our treasonous ABC and are emboldened by its support.

The Islamic world is in turmoil. Hundreds of our Islamic imports are returning home to fight with the Al Queda rebels in Syria and the question needs to be asked... Who would they choose to fight with in an Indonesia/Australia conflict?

I have received many queries about Indonesia’s comparative military strength. Here is an article you may have missed from a few months back.

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