Thursday, December 5, 2013

Singapore spied on its neighbours -- Indonesia and Malaysia.

Now that it has sovereignty over Pulau Batu Puteh, which it named as Pedra Barca, it has placed very sophisticated radar equipment there that can snoop over the Johor airspace and even up to Pahang.

It is time Malaysia takes a much tougher stand against this "kiasu" republic that thrives on its one-upmanship stance against Malaysia which it and its people regard as the country bumpkin compared with its sophistication and progress.

It is no good just to summon its High Commissioner in Kuala Lumpur for an explanation. It is time to act tougher against a republic that does not understand courtesy in maintaining good ties.
For a start, it should just expel the republic's defence attache in Kuala Lumpur and consider taking other such actions deemed more appropriate to show our disgust with whatever it had been doing and the casual manner its foreign minister treated the allegations.

Yet the "red dot" has no compunction in being beholden to its neighbour Malaysia, even for such a basic necessity as water.

On our part, we should not also be beholden to the republic in anything to the extent that we can't even control our own air space above 8,800 metres.

Isn't it a shame that for all these years, any flight coming into our air space above that height is being controlled by that republic?

Where can we hide our face when each time an international flight gets into our airspace at that height they are being guided through by the republic's air traffic controllers. Why can't we be in control of our own airspace just like we control our land and sea areas?

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