Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kevin Rudd ousts Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard

Kevin Rudd has exacted revenge on Julia Gillard, his one-time friend and deputy who ruthlessly deposed him in 2010. Ever since he was removed from the prime minister's office, he has sought to destabilise her leadership. This has been a very personal feud.

For Gillard, it's a dramatic reversal. Three months ago, when she last called a leadership election, her rival could not muster enough support to mount a credible challenge. 

In the meantime, the Labor government has slipped even further in the polls. Labor is not only one of the most brutal political parties in the world, but also one of the most calculating and pragmatic.

Its parliamentarians might not necessarily believe they can win the forthcoming election against the conservative opposition. Many already believe that's a lost cause. But many calculate Rudd will at least prevent an electoral wipe-out, and maybe help save their own seats.

Unfortunately for the Australian Public memories are short and the damage done by Rudd to our economy and refugee policy was significant.

When Rudd assumed power from the Conservative Liberal Government former Treasurer Peter Costello had prepared Australia financially, leaving 50 Billion Dollars in surplus.

Now, after Rudd and Gillard and Wayne Swan have recklessly squandered the country’s reserves, Australians should be reminded that we CAN NOT afford another term of Rudd and his Faceless Men (Unionists)

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