Friday, March 21, 2014

Putin has outwitted Obama at every turn and it will take a far smarter man than Obama and his Leftie mates to pull on a war with the clever Putin.

We are now closer to World War III than at any time since 1945 and, if perchance the missing Malaysian flight is in any way a factor in that horrific forecast, then we should rightly be fearful of the fools in charge of world peace: Vice President Biden, Secretary of State Kerry and President Obama.

As rogue Middle-East and Asian nations scurry to get their nuclear capacities in place, the West is cosseting and encouraging militant Islamism. 

Each day that passes brings Islam a little closer to its dream of the West’s destruction in a cloud of nuclear dust.

Islam is a world-wide fanatical movement that has done nothing, absolutely nothing, to contribute to the world’s welfare and it is the one movement that now seeks its obliteration and seemingly with the West’s consent.

There is something seriously prescient about missing Malaysian flight MH370. Malaysian officials are either the dumbest people on earth or they are purposely obfuscating facts. 

There is little doubt Islamic militants are genetically brain dead, after all, what sane person would make hamburger mince of himself in return for 72 virgins, yet it took extreme lateral thinking, along with intense hatred, to construct 9/11 from a cave in northern Pakistan. 

And if you don’t believe a nuclear Pakistan was harbouring Bin Laden then why is the man who helped the US to find him still rotting in a Pakistan jail? 

Pakistan is the ideal nation to secrete a missing Boeing 777, and if that proves the case, what do the Islamists intend doing with it? Israel is already preparing to expect it.

Islamic militants have always dreamt of RPT planes as weapons of war and one huge Boeing 777 packed with explosives smashing into Tel Aviv would cause any self-respecting Islamist to immediately ejaculate. 

It would trigger a war we have not yet seen the likes of.

That concept is incredibly preposterous but so too is the unprecedented disappearance of MH370. 

As new wacky theories rapidly overtake others by the minute it will remain impossible to conclude the aircraft’s fate until Malaysian officials and others come clean with further information.

In the meantime our Parliament has joined the US and Euro nations in condemning Putin’s annexation of Crimea. This is a provocative mistake and shows how poorly we read Putin. 

Ukraine is mostly empathically Russian and Crimea is ninety seven per cent pro Russian, as witnessed in the weekend’s “illegal” referendum.

Russia has critical defence infrastructures in Ukraine and berths its Black Sea naval force in Crimea. Did the West really believe Putin would not act to retain this Crimean jewel?

Thirty percent of Ukraine’s gas consumption is supplied by Russia. Much of Russia’s aerospace facilities are in Ukraine. What the hell was expected of Putin... is he the sort of bloke to take an Iphone-inspired social media coup by a western Ukraine minority lying down?

Of course not!

And what the hell is Obama doing stationing forces in the Baltic and slamming puerile sanctions on individual Russians? Is he mad? 

Putin has outwitted Obama at every turn and it will take a far smarter man than Obama and his Leftie mates to pull on a war with the clever Putin.

I know I’m on my own here, but I believe the West should butt out of the imminent reconstruction of the disbanded USSR they themselves precipitated. 

They don’t understand the passionate cultural history of a former war-torn Crimea. They ignore the will of the vast majority of the Ukrainian people, something I think they call democracy. 

Hmmm, democracy! You know that system the US and its allies have tried to jamb down every oddball country’s throat with disastrous results?

[Two days after MH370 disappeared a person contacted me offering me a ticket to Canberra, this is what he said to me, “The plane is safe, I know where it is and I can prove it to you, please come.” I didn’t go. It sounded an outrageous concept but one that sounds a little less outrageous now. He said he would try to email me radar printouts, but I haven’t heard from him since.]

Please contact me again if you read this.

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