Saturday, September 22, 2012

Six Arrested in Day Full of Bombs in Indonesia’s Solo

After apprehending two alleged terrorists early on Saturday in Solo, authorities identified two more terrorism suspects detained later in the day, with a National Police spokesman saying a total of six people were arrested in a sweep of the Central Java city.

Kamidi, 43, was arrested at his house in Griyan village, Solo, at 7 a.m., and Subarkah Himawan, or Wawa, was nabbed two hours later. Earlier, police arrested Baderi Hartono and Rudi Kurnia Putra, both of whom were found to have bombs in their houses.

National Police spokesman Brig. Gen. Suhardi Alius said six in total were arrested on Saturday, but he and an anonymous source with the anti-terrorism squad Densus 88 did not provide details on the other two individuals detained.

On Saturday afternoon, police detonated four bombs found in Kamidi’s house.

Haryanto, Kamidi’s neighbor, said the alleged terrorist is single and jobless.

“He has a big house, several young men often go there,” Haryanto told Antara news agency. “He shows them video about Poso [Central Sulawesi]. At the beginning many local people went there, but then they lost interest.”

Wawa was taken to the local police office at 9:30 a.m. along with his wife and 1-month-old baby. He reportedly used to work as a electronics technician.

Wawa’s neighbor, Tri Sumaryati, said the man’s family did not get along well with neighbors.

“They only went out of the house to the mosque,” Tri said. “When I asked her name, she only replied ‘Nawa’s wife.’ They also did not want to greet or shake hands with others.”

Police are targeting three more alleged terrorists connected to suspects arrested on Saturday, according to a Densus 88 member who refused to be named. Those still sought were identified by the initials M, W and A.

“They’re perpetrators that make the bombs,” the source said. “Some have been arrested. They’re related to terrorist cells in Depok [West Java] and Poso [Central Sulawesi].”

An unintentional explosion at a house in Depok on Sept. 8 brought to authorities’ attention a plot to attack police officers and bomb the House of Representatives building. Police have since made several arrests in connection with the planned attacks.

Additional reporting from Antara

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