Thursday, October 10, 2013

Australian Foreign aid to INDONESIA

Australian Foreign aid to INDONESIA

Under Labor, Australian Aid to Indonesia in 2013-14 was to be increased by $105 million to $646 million, for school and health programs. In June-July Indonesia bought 3 new British built Ragam Class navy corvettes for $190 million - and a prestigious Spanish built 110 metre long three masted tall ship, for training naval cadets, for $70 million.

Since April 2011 Indonesia has also ordered;

8 AH 64D Apache battlefield assault helicopters for $1.4 billion.
42 batteries of a Brazilian made artillery rocket system for $402 million.
36 batteries of French made 155 millimetre self-propelled artillery for $170 million.
100 German made Leopard heavy main battle tanks for $280 million.
1 Dutch made Sigma Class stealth frigate for approx $250 million. 7 more planned.
2 Turkish made Milgem Class stealth frigates for approx $500 million. More planned
3 Korean made Type 209 submarines for $1.1 billion. More planned.
24 F-16 fighter-bombers for $750 million.
6 Russian made SU-30 fighter-bombers for $470 million.
37 Russian made BMP-3 amphibious tanks for $114 million.
24 locally built 40 metre long KCR-40 Class fast missile boats for approx $240 million.
1 factory to manufacture various Chinese designed guided missiles.
1,000 R-Han 122mm rockets, for its locally developed artillery rocket System.
180 Javelin anti-tank missiles for $60 million.

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