Sunday, November 22, 2015

The borderless One World, One Currency, social experiment has failed miserably! Open borders failed


In an expected development Malcolm Turnbull has joined with Obama to claim the ISIS crisis does not warrant ground troops, it can only be solved politically and that, despite recent incidents, it’s “xenophobic” and disgustingly Abbott-like to prefer Christian to Muslim refugees. Thankfully Putin is ignoring them both.

France’s President Hollande is now crab-walking away from his original “We are at war” bluster with an undertaking to import 30,000 more Muslims. The firefight that killed terror kingpin, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, last night in the Muslim ghetto of Saint Denis shows that terrorists feel quite comfortable in French areas where police normally refuse to go.

Vetting refugees claiming to be Syrian is an impossible task when there is simply no background to check against any existing file or database. The Syria/Turkey border is non-existent, reach Istanbul with a pocketful of euro and you’re in a borderless Europe without need for a passport or a visa.

Turkey is still purchasing ISIS oil at a discount, it is still allowing Jihadist terrorists free passage and the use of safe houses when needed, and it has stood by and watched while ISIS militia slaughtered Yazidi and Kurdish women and children.

If you doubt where Turkish hearts lie, witness Monday night’s soccer game with Greece where convenors attempted to hold a minute’s silence for the 132 Parisians murdered last Friday. The 30,000-strong Turkish crowd erupted with boos and screams of Allahu Akbar... there was no silence.

The duplicitous Turkish government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (pictured with Turnbull) was well represented by its constituents in that stadium. WTF? Turkey is part of NATO for cryin’ out loud!

Obama is facing a Governors’ revolt. A clear majority of States is refusing to take any of his proposed 10,000 “Syrian” refugees... they have looked across the ditch and seen what has happened to Europe and they want no part of it. Brussels has now become a Jihadist State with just a 25 per cent Muslim population.

You would think the Obamas, Merkels, Hollandes and Turnbulls of this world would have noticed that it is home-grown terrorists that are waging war on the West. Yes! The children of Muslim immigrants, as is the case here in Oz! So what is the point in vetting the parents when, in 15 years’ time, any one of thousands of mushrooming mosques has trained them all to be good Jihadists?

I guess that will be the problem of other Presidents and Prime Ministers, eh?

The borderless One World, One Currency, social experiment has failed miserably! Open borders failed here under Rudd and Gillard, it has failed with Obama’s 11 million southern illegals and Europe is now an irrecoverable basket case of militant Muslim ghettos.

Turnbull is slowly unravelling Abbott’s mandate and when he arrives home from the Paris Global Warming farce the only honeymoon remaining will be with the Left media,

... the silent majority will have already commenced divorce proceedings.

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