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The world’s attention turned to Paris last Friday and the latest foray by those who love to hate and hate to love. Following that outrage, Bali is on a heightened level of security alert. Indonesia’s President and Vice-President, together with religious and political leaders nation-wide, are unanimous in condemning the violence in Paris now claimed by ISIS as part of their evil handiwork. Prior to the attack, a seminar was held in Sanur last week conducted by terrorism experts on how the Internet is used to recruit and educate future terrorists.

In other news from Bali last week, a Swiss national may face a 5-10 year prison term for trying to smuggle into Bali 3.4 grams of marijuana tucked inside his underpants. Bali Update has received more information refuting the alleged hijacking of a yacht by pirates off Bali’s shoreline. The disgraced former Chief of the Kuta Police Precinct awaits another disciplinary proceeding. And, Bali police discount the severity of public complaints regarding discourteous and illegal behavior by visiting big bike riders.

Talking about the weather? As Bali’s extended drought continues, the iconic Pura Ulun Danau Beratan is no longer surrounded by water but is now high and dry. Meanwhile, weather forecasters predict the delayed rainy season will arrive in Bali before the end of November.

Bali’s picturesque Benoa Bay remains in the news. University students are protesting the illegal reclamation at the Port of Benoa by PT Pelindo. In something of a “dog and pony” show, a grand entourage of municipal officials from Denpasar has put the illegal Wake Cable Water Ski operation under seal. And, the Hotel Crystal on the Bay Bali is back in the news causing many to ask if compromise is truly possible at a project violating so many zoning and licensing rules?

Volcano Update: Bali is suffering the consequence of being surrounded by three currently active volcanoes situated to the east and west. Due to volcanic activity, tourists are now banned from climbing the slopes of Indonesia’s iconic Mount Bromo in East Java. And, in a stroke of good news, experts say volcanic activity at Lombok’s Mt. Rinjani is on the decline.

Airline news: Indonesia’s Minister of Transportation chooses an international airline forum in Nusa to deliver a public scolding to Indonesian airlines. Sriwijaya Airline announces cheap fares on its flights from Bali through the end of 2015. And, Garuda’s CEO says his airline need 23 new airplanes before the end of 2016 to serve growing passenger numbers.

Plans are announced for a new fast-boat service connecting Jimbaran Beach and Banyuwangi, East Java.

Bali Animal Health Officials want to undertake a comprehensive census of dogs as the next step in the battle against rabies.

Following our editorial on the subject last week, a Bali lawmaker has joined the chorus calling for Australians to enjoy visa-free visits to Bali.

During a visit to Bali, New Zealand’s Ambassador to Jakarta promises scholarships for students graduating from the Bali Mandara High School in North Bali.

There’s much to celebrate as the Bali Safari and Marine Park celebrates its 8th Anniversary.

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