Monday, November 23, 2015

Indonesian Hotel Bomb threaten Marriott Hotel and the Shangri La Surabaya with terror bombings

"Yes we accept the issue of fear of terror bombs in hotels Surabaya, "said Invisible Criminal Polrestabes Surabaya, AKBP Fate Mattanete, when the reporter confirmed. Observation at the JW Marriott, all entrances and exits guarded by checking the incoming hotel guests using a detector. Both hotels were owned international hotel chain headquartered in the United States. 

Previous attacks on Indonesian Hotels

JW Marriott Hotel in Kuningan, Jakarta, at 12:40 pm, August 5, 2003, rocked by car bombs. 12 people were killed instantly and another 150 were seriously injured. 


Back JW Marriott Hotel in Kuningan, Central Jakarta, was the target of a suicide bomb, at 07:44 pm, July 17th, 2009. 


Not just the JW Marriott Hotel in Jakarta, because the Ritz Carlton in the same region was also bombed by a suicide bomber, at the same time and the same day. Overall nine people died on the spot, 50 people were injured seriously. 


Helped police search the various other elements, a low explosive bomb found in room 1808 of the JW Marriott was. 


On Friday (13/11), 129 people dying in the hands of terrorist groups in Paris, after the previous day, a different terrorist groups in action in Palestine. Not long after Paris, Hotel Radisson Blu in Bamako, Mali, also terrorized.   For anticipation, this time on the main entrance door of the hotel in Surabaya was also placed dogs at the same time checking the car to avoid unwanted things. Meanwhile, the observation at the Hotel Shangri- He, one car bomb squad East Java police were alerted and a number of dogs of the K-9 unit also observed conducting. Security entrance of the hotel were also tightened and some members of the police units of the Police Mobile Brigade Jatim appear on guard around the hotel. There is no panic from guests hotel and activity to service visitors still carried out as usual days. Confirmed separately, Kasubbag PR Polrestabes Surabaya, AKP Lily Jafar, said the threat there was a bomb in the hotel was received by fax in East Java police around 15:30 pm. "So information the entrance to the hotel was via fax East Java police that there was a bomb at the JW Marriott and Shangri-La, "he said. Despite several hours combing found no bomb or suspicious objects other, he said, the police remained alert and on guard." In both hotel stays guarded by police until the time limit has not been determined, "said the middle-ranking officers. Meanwhile, a team of Satreskrim Polrestabes been ordered to find and capture peneror second bomb threat at the hotel. 


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