Monday, April 20, 2015

What was Julie Bishop Thinking Suggesting Australia share battlefield intelligence with Iran?

The only item of substance to come out of Julie Bishop’s talks with the Iranians was what she was wearing. Whatever the hell that black number was, it was in deference to the sensitivities of one of the world’s most evil empires.

WTF was she thinking suggesting Australia could share battlefield intelligence with this mob of lying Islamic savages? After excitable Friday prayers did she also accept an invitation to the public hangings for crimes such as homosexuality and adultery?

Perhaps she has another number to wear when she drops into Saudi Arabia to arrange to share their intelligence before visiting their Chop Chop Square which makes the Roman Colosseum look like a Friday arvo pantomime.

While she’s there, Uncle Bashar and even Uncle Vladimir might also have some valuable intelligence they need to exchange with Aussies. Bloody hell, doesn’t Julie have a clue what is going on in the Middle East?

Okay, here’s a crash course: Saudi Arabia was known to have been instrumental in financing 9/11 and they weren’t too happy about the Yanks killing their favourite son, Osama bin Laden either.

Now, when the Yank-inspired Arab spring sprang and the Arab rogue States were left leaderless all hell broke loose. Only Syria’s Bashar Al Assad resisted the onslaught and fought back against the US and Saudi financed Sunni militia.

But Russia’s Vladimir Putin was supplying serious weapons to Syria and the war only produced 200,000 civilian deaths and 500,000 refugees.

The disenchanted Sunni militia, led by al-Baghdadi, then decided it made more sense to call themselves ISIS, attack Iraq and wreak vengeance on the US puppet Shia Government of al-Maliki.

The northern Sunni Iraqi army were happy to give their tanks and armaments to ISIS and join ranks against the Southern Shia force.

[ISIS, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, intends to annex Iraq, including the ancient rich Mesopotamian area between the Tigris and Euphrates, Iran, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon and western Turkey, right up to the shores of the Mediterranean, all known historically as “The Levant”. Once established, they figure obstinate Syria will then be a piece of cake.]

Now, Obama could have nipped this ISIS bullshit in the bud 18 months back when they were restricted to utes and smokey yank tanks without maintenance, but Obama had no intention to reintroduce ground troops and the Shia Iraqi army had no will to fight. Thus the ISIS now has a full head of steam.

So the US arranged for the new puppet Iraqi Shia Government of al-Abadi, but the Iraqi Shias still wouldn’t fight and, despite Aussie training, they would rather shoot at our blokes. So Iran, to prevent itself becoming part of the Nouvo Levant, joined in the war against ISIS as an unofficial proxy force.

It has been only moderately successful in driving back the ISIS because Iran still insists on manufacturing its own outdated materiel.

But more importantly Iran can now maintain a presence in Iraq that will bring it even closer to its goal of pushing the Jewish State into the Mediterranean with only a sliver of Jordan standing in its way.

Okay, Russia has now agreed to supply Iran with missiles and Israel is busily preparing to take out Iran’s nuclear capacity again while Obama negotiates to allow Iran a nuclear future.

Meanwhile, on the "Al Queda in the Arabian Peninsular" (AQAP) Saudi Arabia has teamed up with the Yemeni branch of its beloved Al Qaeda (mujahadeen that returned to Yemen after fighting the Soviet occupation in Afghanistan).

This Yemeni-based group is rated as the most lethal Al Queda franchise on earth, with a capacity to carry out domestic insurgencies while maintaining its sights on Western targets, something ISIS has not yet got around to.

ISIS and the Taliban have already aligned in anticipation of Obama’s Afghanistan withdrawal.

The Sunni/Wahaabi-ruled Saudi Arabia is now bombing the shit out of resistance fighters in Yemen while correctly accusing Iran of backing the tribal rebels. Iraq's Al Abadi is now telling the Saudis to fornicate off! Hmmm, the Saudis are likely to listen to Al-Abadi.

The whole of the Middle East and north Africa is aflame and the UN this week named the crisis in Yemen as one of the "largest and most complex in the world". The UN has it right for once.

So when Julie Bishop suggested to the Iranian Foreign Affairs Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, that he share intelligence with Australia, he asked to be excused... he had to go piss himself. The Pickering Post


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