Monday, April 27, 2015

BALI – Latest Updates...Om Swastiastu ...

As this edition goes to press, the execution of Andrew Chan and Myuram Sukumaran of the “Bali Nine” looks increasingly certain to take place sometime tonight, Tuesday (most likely early Wednesday morning) in Central Java.

In other news: A young American couple from Chicago have been sentenced to 10 and 18 years in prison in the murder of a Chicago socialite in South Bali. (Kerry’s comment ‘Why such a light sentence for murder when the Bali 9 Duo are to be shot?)

A Bulgarian man is in police detention for committing international bank fraud from a base in Bali targeting foreign tourists. And, a 51-year-old Australian has died of an apparent heart attack while staying at a Legian, Kuta hotel.

In other tourism news: Bali has stopped issuing tourist guide licenses while the law governing guide licenses is revised. And, 16 areas in Bali have received special designation allowing a liberalized approach to beer sales.

The planned reclamation of Benoa Harbor remains in the news. The DPRD-Bali has given a green light to the reclamation of Benoa Bay. Protests have been staged in support of the “revitalization” of the bay. And an editorial by a Balinese living in West Java raised issues of equitability and water supply that argue strongly against reclaiming Benoa Bay.

The long-delayed Celukan Bawang power plant has finally begun testing prior to full commissioning.

The rabies fight continues. Bali to vaccinate 400,000 dogs in 2015 at a cost of US$692,000

Will Bali hit 4.3 million foreign tourists in 2015? March arrival figures are now in hand. Read the latest installment of “Bali by the Numbers” comparing Q1 tourist arrivals from 2008-2015.

Aviation News: All Indonesian airlines must report their financial condition to Ministry of Transport by April 30, 2015. American Airlines is offering round trip flights from Chicago to Bali for US$950. Bali’s airport is ranked in an international survey as the 7th best airport in a category for airports of its size.

Nepotism, cronyism and wasted public funds; The saga of Tanah Ampo continues as Jakarta surrenders control of the Port to the Karangasem Regency.

Bali Safari and Marine Park celebrate ‘Earth Day.”

The Mozaic Beach Club launches the Mozaic Brasserie – a new approach to beachside dining, opening May 15th.

Stenden University Bali offers scholarships in hotel and business management.

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