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One of many ignorant shock jocks opining on claims that halal certification fees go to terrorist groups: “Of course there’s no proof of that”, said Hadley somebugger. But the Arab Bank (a prolific advertiser on Sydney’s 2GB radio station) was found liable in Linde v. Arab Bank, PLC in September last year for funding 24 separate terrorist attacks. Well done Mr Hadley!

And you might like to note the following, it is the 2013 Annual report signed off by the President of the Islamic Council of WA, (Dr) Rateb Jneid:

“... Our Halal subcommittee now is functional and income starts coming Alhamdulillah (meaning ‘all Praise and thanks be to God’). 

“Our next aim is to expand Halal certification for local and international business insha’Allah (God willing).

“In our Masjid (mosque), many activities were conducted by our resident Imam Hisham Obeid.

“Over the year the Masjid has continued to assist other associations by allowing the facility (halal certification setup) to be used, Alhamdullah.”

(Dr) Jneib’s annual report continued, “During the year ICWA (the Islamic Council of WA) has made ongoing donations to Syria because of the difficult civil conditions.

"The donations were made through al Imdaad charity, to ensure that no recriminations could be directed at ICWA.”

Sgd Dr Rateb Jneid President- Islamic Council of WA

Okay, obviously an unintended slip of the pen, but just who is this President (Dr) Rateb Jneid (forget the Dr bit, they all give themselves false titles) and what exactly is this al Imdaad charity?

Hang on to your hat!

Al Imdaad is a well-known international sham charity that distributes funds to Syria (ISIS), Hamas, the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood and many other Jihadist groups. It has recently concentrated its efforts helping to support ISIS and has branches in South Africa, right across Europe and North America.

Al Imdaad goes to extreme lengths to project itself as a charitable organisation. In fact it is anything but a charity and is linked to the infamous IRFAN (International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy).

In 2012-13, al Imdaad's UK branch raised over £400,000 for a Turkish charity known to fund terrorism. It has also given over £50,000 to the Zamzam Foundation, a Somali charity run by the Saudi-funded Somali Muslim Brotherhood.

Between 2005 and 2009, IRFAN-Canada transferred approximately $14.5 million to various terrorist organisations including Hamas.

On April 29, last year, The Honourable Steven Blaney, the Canadian Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, announced that the Government had listed the International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy as a terrorist entity under the Criminal Code.

Since then Canada has broken up the Islamic scams, laid charges and cancelled their charity (tax free) status with al Imdaad, IRFAN and a dozen smaller offshoots now unable to operate in Canada.

But they remain free to operate elsewhere including in the UK and France (where there are electoral considerations) using kindly and compassionate names like “Orphans in Need”, “Human Relief Foundation” and “Muslim Hands”.

All are tax-free shams proven to support terrorist groups.

In Australia, the “Human Appeal International” charity operates freely using smaller “feeder” charities to assist in laundering funds to terrorist groups. HAI has 14 offices world-wide including local offices in Australia at Lakemba (Sydney), Coburg (Melbourne) and Mile End (Adelaide).

In a written statement, the Attorney-General's office said these groups, "... do have some legitimate social and charitable activities" and that the challenge "is to identify that component of funding which might be directed to terrorist activities" .

In December 2011, “Human Appeal (Australia)” hosted an event which featured the hate preacher Haitham al-Haddad as a guest speaker. Al-Haddad regards Jews as, "enemies of god, and descendants of apes and pigs", and disregards any form of peace until "Allah's will governs the whole earth, and for no other law to remain."

Haddad deems homosexuality a crime and supports the subjugation of women, telling them: "you must obey [your husband]."

Human Appeal (Australia) raises much of its funds through an annual concert called ‘Sounds of Light’, held at the end of each year at Flemington Racecourse Melbourne, Olympic Park Sydney, Adelaide Town Hall and Riverside Theatre, Perth.

A major ‘Gold’ sponsor of Sounds of Light is Halal Helpline ( An annual Gold sponsorship is $20,000.

Halal Helpline is owned and run by, wait for it, none other than rogue halal certifier, Mohamed El Mouelhy of the Halal Certification Authority Pty Ltd.

Funding terrorism attracts a ten year jail term Mr El Mouelhy, so you’d better grab your toothbrush and a cake of soap.

Okay, so now to this (Dr) Rateb Jneid, President of the Islamic Council of WA:

Mr Jneid was claimed to be the kingpin when WA Police cracked a major methamphetamine trafficking syndicate after a four-month probe netted more than $8 million worth of the drug ice, $380,000 in cash and a number of unlicensed firearms.

Mr Jneid's sons Ziad and Rabih have long been persons of interest for WA Police and have resulted in a number of raids.

Detectives from the WA Organised Crime Squad led the latest protracted sting with a series of raids on properties in Kewdale, Munster and Bibra Lake.

Police say they suspect profits from the drug syndicate were finding their way to Jihadist organisations overseas.

Liam Ducey of WA said five men and a woman had been charged, including the President of the WA Islamic Council, (Dr) Rateb Jneid.

Incredibly the ABC, despite a comprehensive Police report, managed to cover the entire news item without once mentioning an Islamic connection or that one of those charged was the President of the Islamic Council of WA who admitted to funding the Syrian conflict using the al Imdaad "charity". That’s our independent ABC, I guess.

As part of the “Countering Violent Extremism Program”, the Australian Government handed out over $4.2 million in taxpayer funds in just one year to 52 different Muslim “charitable” organisations plus tens of millions annually to mosques and private Islamic schools, much of which is unaccounted for, except in one case that raised suspicion, a Sydney mosque was ordered to repay $9 million. Hmmm.

The 13 part investigation on how halal fees fund terrorism is at

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