Monday, April 20, 2015

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Plans for the reclamation of Benoa Bay remain in the news this week. Tomy Winata, the man behind the reclamation project claims “selective enforcement” - pointing to earlier projects in which he has been granted a lenient application of environmental and zoning laws. In a related article, PT TWBI who hold the license to develop Benoa Bay are being asked to “come clean” on where and to whom the Rp. 1 trillion claimed to have already been spent on the project has gone.

Leading other news this week: 15 Canadian and American models and photography crew were deported last week from Bali after being caught engaged in a professional photo shoot while using only tourist visas. This week, police in Bali will launch a three-week long crackdown on illegal gambling. A young Army officer has been killed in West Bali after a drunken altercation with fellow officers. A Russian woman has seen prosecutors request 17 years in prison for trying to smuggle drugs into Bali. Drug sniffing dogs at Bali’s airport have detected a parcel post containing drugs mailed from New York to Bali. Participants attending a Social Security seminar in Denpasar lost bags, computers, phones and cash stolen while they enjoyed lunch. And, a Klungkung legislator alleges many foreigners working on Nusa Lembongan Island do not have valid work permits.

In the 11th hour, Bali has reportedly earned special treatment that will somehow ease the tightening of control on the sale of beer. Complete details have yet to be formally announced.

Frustrated public health and animal welfare officials have asked the public not to oppose efforts to eliminate feral dogs in areas infested with the rabies virus.

Local guides at the Gitgit waterfall in North Bali are accused of coercion in demanding additional “local guide” fees.

Bali’s toll roads are in the news. A state-owned company has literally mapped out options for the construction of toll roads to the Island’s West and North. Meanwhile, the Bali Mandara Toll reports that only 2% of road users are opting to use cashless pre-paid cards.

Bali’s Governor hands out a stinging rebuke to the Island’s youth to stop being indolent and prepare to do battle in an increasingly competitive world.

Despite rules requiring official accreditation for all hospitals, less than 20% of the Island’s “rumah sakit” meet that standard.

Bali’s water sports operators want a fixed pricing system to prevent unhealthy and unsafe competition.

The chairman of the Bali Wedding Association says 60% of those offering wedding services in Bali are illegal businesses.

While the hotel building boom continues apace, Bali is exceeding its carrying capacity by consuming much more water PAM can produce. We share the disturbing figures.

PrimaFit – a leading supplier of fitness equipment - raises a large sum of money for disabled athletes in Bali by organizing a marathon on treadmills.

In aviation news, Garuda announces it will acquire 18 new aircraft before the end of 2015.

Bank Indonesia warns hotels that enforcement is nigh of rules to require pricing in Indonesian Rupiahs.

A musical group known as “Atis and the Tradewind” have written a song for Bali that we share in this week’s Bali Update.

Bali Safari & Marine Park salutes five modern-day women leaders among their ranks on Kartini Day.

I will be speaking this week on Thursday at the Rotary Club Bali Nusa Dua on the topic of hotel moratoriums with topic "Enough is Enough.". We have been ask by the Club to advise our readers that all available spaces for guests at the lunchtime speech have now been sold out.

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