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Dear Mr Turnbull,

Don’t you care about Muslims? Your new policy focus promises to be more accommodating to Islam. No doubt, this will mean more public money to Islamic organisations. Suppression of free speech will continue or be intensified where Islam is concerned. 

Extremist Islamic hate preachers will continue to receive Australian visas while peaceful foreign politicians who criticize Islam may not.  Do you think that by doing this that you will be helping Australia’s Muslims?

You know as well as I do that most of Australia’s Muslims were not brought here for any contribution they might make. They were brought here because of their awful situations in the dysfunctional societies from where they came. Do you no longer care for their welfare?

Of course, most Muslims don’t understand the reason for their plight. Islamic societies have some of the lowest levels of education in the world. Muslims are taught to never question Islam on pain of death. How could we expect them to know better? 

You however should know better Mr Turnbull. You have exceptional intelligence, a first rate education and access to the greatest reserve of information the world has ever known. So what is your excuse? 

Do you not know that this Islam which you promote crushes the lives of Muslims? Do you not know that this Islam which you appease, enslaves Muslims? It brainwashes them to hate freedom, democracy, critical thought, human rights and peaceful coexistence?

Islam deprives Muslims of the ability to understand our success. Of course, as humans they look with longing and envy at our rich and free society. Islam takes this longing and twists it into resentment and jealousy. It teaches Muslims to covet and inspires them to take by force. 

It divides Muslims from our culture and cuts them off from the chance to emulate or share in our success. It blocks any chance for advancement and progress. It denies them a fulfilling existence, even as they see this success all around them. 

Islam holds Muslims in a pit of ignorance and exclusive desperation. It binds them there on pain of death. That is why Muslims fall behind. It is not us who hinder their assimilation and progress, it is Islam. Why then do you promote this backward ideology?

Do you not care for the plight of Australia’s Muslim women? They are citizens too you know. Does it not bother you that every Muslim baby girl is born into slavery? Firstly, she is the property of her father. If he dies, she becomes the property of her brother. When she is old enough, she can be married off and ownership transfers to her husband. 

The Islamic marriage contract is for the transfer of ownership of a woman and her private parts from the father to the husband. In return, a sum of money is paid in the form of a dowry. The woman has few rights in this transaction. Why do you promote this insidious ideology of slavery?

What about the poor wretched little girls who have their genitals mutilated without even an anaesthetic? 600 women and girls were treated for this hideous abuse during one year in one hospital in Melbourne. 

Where are the prosecutions and public awareness campaigns? Don’t you care?

Please don’t give me the tired old line that this has nothing to do with Islam. That is a pathetic lie and you have no excuse for accepting it. Just have your staff check out Islam’s most respected manual of Sharia Law (Al-Misri’s Reliance of the Traveller), it is all in there.

The book gives the opinions of the four Sunni schools of Islamic Law. These cover 90% of all Muslims. The rulings on Female Genital Mutilation range from recommended to obligatory. Surprised? Well check it out for yourself. Why do you think that this barbaric practice is almost exclusively practised by Muslims or in Muslim majority countries? 

It is Islam which is responsible, the same Islam that you so callously promote.

There was a time when ignorance of Islam was understandable. That time has passed. Hundreds of thousands of ordinary Australians now understand Islam. Why don’t you and your Government? 

When a young Muslim boy murders an innocent Australian, why do you ask how he got hold of a gun? Why don’t you ask WHY he got hold of a gun? Is it that so hard to figure out? He ran around screaming, “ALLAH! ALLAH!” after callously unloading a bullet into his unfortunate victim. He had dressed in Islamic clothing and just finished praying at the Mosque. What part of this do you not understand?

This is not rocket science. The information is easy to obtain. I have sent copies of my book (The Story of Mohammed Islam Unveiled) to you, and your ministers. It tells you most of what you need to know. A few hours on Google will tell you the rest. 

Through your ignorance of this subject, you inflict needless misery on both Muslim and non-Muslim Australians. We were never asked whether we wanted Muslims here. You the Government dumped them on us. You then accused anyone who objected of being a racist. 

Now you have a duty of care to protect all of us from their religious beliefs. You cannot fulfil that obligation by remaining wilfully ignorant. Accepting the lies and half-truths of Islamic leaders and apologists is just not acceptable.

We demand that you fulfil your oath to serve and protect us by learning the truth about this repressive and totalitarian ideology.

Yours Sincerely,

Harry Richardson

PS. A copy of this letter has been posted on the Pickering Post. Tens of thousands will read it there. Have a look at the comments below to see how ordinary Australians feel about this subject.

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled'

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