Monday, July 21, 2014

West Papua Independence Campaign to Move Forward

(If this ends up in the United Nations then it will again bring Australia and Indonesia into conflict as occurred with East Timor)

The organisation that calls itself the Federal Republic of West Papua says the release of its president and four others from prison yesterday means their campaign for independence can now move forward.

Forkorus Yaboisembut and four others were imprisoned by Indonesia in October 2011 on charges of treason after the republic was declared by a vote at the Third Papua People's Congress.

The organisation's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jacob Rumbiak, says the Federal Republic is a legitimate organisation that will now ramp up its effort to lobby the international community for recognition.

"West Papua already fulfils the requirement of establishing a country, like Indonesia did in 1945 and America did in 1776; what's the difference? We have a leader now, we have an agenda, [The] Federal Republic of West Papua was born by a democratic system."

Jacob Rumbiak says the organisation has asked for meetings with both candidates of Indonesia's recent presidential election. Radio New Zealand International -end-


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