Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Are we backing the wrong horse... as Ukraine atrocities become clear?

MH17 is fast emerging as a secondary emergency as social media becomes the primary arsenal of Ukraine and Gaza combatants. Truths that were once concealed by tyrants and terrorists are now visible in gory detail on any computer screen, and not before time.

The pictorial horror of war is no longer sanitised, it’s on-line, and mainstream media is reluctantly being forced to compete for truth in news.

Okay, we sit up in bed with our hot chocolate and watch the decontaminated late news totalling casualties and running clips of protagonists’ speeches, we sleep well, it’s a long way away, we are unaffected and anyway, obese, unattractive fools like Laurie Oakes and Graham Richardson will sum it up for us in the morning.

Julie Bishop is choosing her words more carefully in Kiev and starting to doubt the motives of illegitimate, self-appointed President Poroshenko who is systematically murdering thousands of his own Ukrainian citizens. He has little interest in MH17, his interest is genocide.

The Ukrainian military is bombing its own undefended eastern cities, razing schools, hospitals, suburban infrastructure, water and electricity supplies. It is showering mortars indiscriminately on rural nationals who are fleeing as refugees from their own country in numbers approaching a quarter million.

Yet, if Putin dares to assist in stemming the genocide he is labelled a supporter of separatists and rebels by the West.

Poroshenko is feigning co-operation with the Dutch and Australians in order to precipitate further Western sanctions on Russia. It’s working. Julie Bishop and Tony Abbott are now hoping they have backed the right horse in Poroshenko. Clearly they haven't.

They are trusting this tyrant to secure the MH17 site when his sole interest is to ethnically cleanse the East of all Russian sympathisers. The problem is that Putin will now be forced to meet the Poroshenko behemoth head on, leaving MH17 irrecoverable in the midst of an escalating white hot warzone.

How a person like Graham Richardson is allowed a voice on SKY is confounding. Not only is he an ignorant reactionary but he is a Labor Teflon crook of Obied proportions who another crim, Keating, was forced to sack.

Before you take notice of this person who helped to give us Gillard and utter destruction read all about him here, because you won’t read it anywhere else.

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