Monday, July 14, 2014

The complacent naiveté surrounding the Islamic threat in Australia is astounding.

There are somewhere between 360,000 and 500,000 practising Muslims in Australia. Some clerics claim a much higher figure but we can never know the exact figure because census questions of “faith” are optional and in line with our 18C restriction. The US-based Pew Research Centre has forecast an increase of 80% in the number of Australia’s Muslims by 2030.

So, if we take today’s most conservative figure of 360,000, and if we conservatively assume that our Muslim population is only one-quarter that of Britain’s, then of those questioned in a recent survey, 1.5 per cent say they would find London-type bombings fully justified. Therefore 5,400 Australian Muslims approve of these atrocities.

Another 6 per cent (21,600) said they feel sympathy with the feelings and motives of those who, one day, will commit similar atrocities here. Similarly, some 8 per cent (28,800) of Australia’s Muslims believe they are justified in bringing our Western society to an end.

So, even on the most conservative of figures available, a minimum of 5,400 of Australia’s Muslims believe suicide bombings in Australia would be fully justified. How many more didn’t answer honestly?

Perhaps Tony Abbott’s new best friend, Japan’s Prime Minister Abe, could proffer a few tips on Islamic immigration. Japan has managed to keep their Muslim population down to less than one hundredth of one per cent. And those are mostly employees of foreign companies who are not permitted to promote Islam and are expected to conduct prayers at home.

Islamic immigration is encouraged by Australia’s Left so, unlike in Japan, our Left has more respect for Islamic culture than for our own culture, given that the two are entirely incompatible.

It’s not as if Islam has a secret agenda, its vile objectives are heralded from 370 mosque pulpits every Friday.

The complacent naiveté surrounding the Islamic threat in Australia is astounding.

Barack Obama is alone responsible for the wars erupting in the Middle East right now! He has purposefully alienated Israel and has genuflected to his friends the Saudi Sheiks, the very same Saudi Sheiks who finance Al Queda and support ISIS.

Obama’s actions have emboldened terror groups who now believe that Israel is on its own. And it is, but now he wants to be seen as a peace broker? Too late Mr President.

But the real threat to the West from Islam is the technology now available to terror groups. It will be impossible to keep new and more sophisticated explosives out of airplanes without full body searches and cat scans of every potential passenger and their luggage, rendering air travel in the West all but impossible.

Right now you, or any terrorist, can purchase a cheap drone with an inbuilt GPS that can deliver a pizza or an explosive to any front door on the planet.

We have very little time left to confront this threat and in the meantime we certainly don’t want to add to the 5,400 Australian Muslims already here who think that bombing their hosts is a good idea.

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