Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Resolving the violence in Thailand’s Restive Southern Provinces

After six months in power, the worsening situation proves the Democrat-run government has no idea of how to get its work started. The number of violence cases as monitored by Deep South Watch, a Prince of Songkhla University based violence counting unit, remains above 100 incidents per month - from below 100 incidents before March.

Violence and brutality, common during Thaksin's period, have revived over the past six months. Brutal massacres, such as the Narathiwat mosque attack which left 11 Muslim worshippers dead and a dozen injured, gun attacks on Buddhist monks and the beheading of innocent people, have taken place in only in two weeks.

What the government has done is merely boost force and pour budget into the area, although many senior people in the government have long realised money and military alone cannot solve the problem.

The government badly needs to enforce the real politic-led military strategy to drastically change the way it handles the situation and to solve the problem at its root cause.

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