Sunday, June 14, 2009

Indonesian Military Aircraft Crashes

Indonesian Military Aircraft Crashes

Seven military aircraft have crashed so far this year, killing 83 military officers.
The President has announced the formation of a specialist teamto carry out a thorough investigation into an Air Force chopper crash at the Atang Sanjaya Airbase in Cilangkap, Bogor, Friday, and also conduct a comprehensive evaluation of all military aircraft.

Friday's crash was the second of its kind in less than a week.

The evaluation will provide recommendations as to what the military and the government should do to improve the safety of military aviation. During the comprehensive evaluation, all aircraft, except those in regular operation, will be grounded.

In the past two months five military aircraft, including two choppers, have crashed in accidents in Papua, Bandung, Madiun, Cianjur and Bogor.

In the most recent incident, which killed four soldiers, an Air Force Puma helicopter crashed during a test flight just after repairs had been carried out. The series of accidents has raised concern among legislators at the House of Representatives, who are urging the government to scrap all old war ships and aircraft and raise the defense budget.

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