Monday, January 18, 2016

Indonesia exports first ever warship

The Philippines has ordered two advanced SSV warships worth US$90 million. This marks the first export of warships by Indonesia. State-owned shipbuilder PT PAL Indonesia launched two warships on Monday, one of which will be the first naval vessel exported by the domestic ship-building industry.

The two ships launched in Tanjung Perak Port in Surabaya, East Java, were Missile Destroyer (PKR)-1 and Strategic Sealift Vessel (SSV)-1.PT PAL president director M. Firmansyah said the PKR-1 was ordered by Indonesia's Defense Ministry while the SSV-1 was ordered by the Philippines' Defense Ministry. The firm secured the order worth US$90 million from the Philippines' government for the construction of two SSVs after winning an international tender process.

He said the SSV-1 was completely built by PT PAL and was in accordance with Lloyd's Registry classification."This is the first warship ever to be exported by Indonesia. This marks another country's acknowledgment of [our] maritime advancement," he said on Monday as quoted by

Regarding the PKR-1, Firmansyah explained that PAL cooperated with Netherlands-based Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding through a transfer-of-technology mechanism.

The firm would finish off PKR-1 and SSV-1 before officially handing them over to the Defense Ministry in January 2017 and the Philippines' Defense Ministry in May 2016, respectively.


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