Monday, May 26, 2014

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Crime features prominently in this week’s news from Bali. Only a few days after a young South Korean woman was killed in Denpasar during a bag snatching, a 40-year-old U.K. resident was strangled to death in Ubud. Police have quickly arrested a man working on a nearby construction project in connection with that murder. In the south, community leaders in Kuta are setting up a “neighborhood watch” to reduce crime and thuggery on Jalan Poppies II and Jalan Benesari. In response to a growing public outcry against crime in Bali, chief of police General Benny Mokalu has vowed a more vigilante and tougher stance against crime on the Island.

In other news: authorities are stepping up identity checks at places of prostitution in Jembrana to prevent commercial sex workers from “Gang Dolly” in Surabaya moving shop to Bali. Police outline measures being taken to reduce traffic jams in Kuta. Denpasar in the middle of a campaign to vaccinate 55,000 dogs in 2014. And, the Education Ministry issues a reminder that tourists are not allowed to work or volunteer as teachers in Indonesia.

Bali’s governor says work will start on a round island rail system in 2015.

The Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok has issued a safety advisory for Indonesians in Thailand following a coup d’état by the Thai Military.

Aviation News: AirAsia has cancelled a number of flights from Makassar to several domestic destinations, including Bali. The Lion Air Group is studying setting up an Australian subsidiary – Batik Air Australia. The Garuda subsidiary Citilink will take delivery of 8 Airbus A-320s this year – growing their armada by 33%. And, after a long wait, Kubutambahan in Buleleng has been selected as the location for Bali’s new airport of the north.

Last week we sampled the award-winning Moscato d’Bali produced by Sababay winery. We recommend you put this on you list of “must” things to do and try during your next trip to Bali.

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