Friday, April 15, 2011

Indonesian Terrorist Switch in West Java Mosque Bombing

A "TALIBAN-STYLE" suicide bombing in a West Java police mosque has heightened fears Indonesia's terror groups are switching to domestic attacks. The nail-bomb blast in Cirebon city police mosque, just as Friday prayers began, killed the bomber and wounded 26 people, including the police chief.

Until now, Islamic extremists in Indonesia have set their bombs to kill Westerners in nightclubs, hotels and embassies. Mosque attacks are rare in Indonesia, although an amateurish device was defused in February in the Great Mosque of Cirebon, 160km east of Jakarta.

This is a new phenomenon in Indonesia, a Taliban-style attack.

The Cirebon attack will provoke a severe reappraisal of security at police mosques, which until now have been guarded lightly, if at all, and kept open to public worshippers. Most of those injured yesterday by nails and screws packed around the explosives were police officers. Twenty-one remained in hospital last night. Excerpts from Peter Alford’s report, Jakarta correspondent The Australian

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