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BALI UPDATE #763 - 25 April 2011
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Leading news stories this week address the ordered closing of the Best Western Kuta scheduled for Thursday; the death of a 12 year-old Balinese boy in the continuing deadly toll from rabies; a large peaceful protest on April 20th in support of Bali figure Anand Krishna who is now on a hunger strike of more than 45 days; growing concerns that the supply of counterfeit money is growing on the island and the promise (again) of a crackdown on illegal transport operators.

Nationally, the Minister of Culture and Tourism is optimistic that Indonesian tourism will continue to grow in 2011; a top tourism officials proclaims that Bali can handle many more tourists providing the current lack of infrastructure is fixed; an update on the current caterpillar infestation and a call for formal consumer protection for tourist visitors to Bali.

Hotel news this week includes a Royal invite to the Bali Dynasty to witness the wedding of William and Kate on Friday; Nikko Bali Resort and Spa wins special recognition as an "Eco-Hotel;" a successful fund-raising night for a local orphanage held last month by the Aston Bali Beach Resort & Spa; and how the Hard Rock Hotel celebrated Earth Day 2011.

In aviation news learn how to obtain free transfers between the airport and anywhere in Bali when arriving or departing on a Virgin Blue flight; special fares offered by Singapore Airlines to mark 25 years of service to the island; and a reminder from a Bali academic that any plans for a new airport in Bali's north must be based on a comprehensive feasibility study.

Read this week's update to learn more about Bali's unique breed of Kintamani dogs and for background on Hari Saraswati – a day dedicated to learning – which was fell on Saturday, April 23rd.

In development news the regent of Badung is asking for public support for new road projects; there is a surprising hiccup in the building the underpass at the Simpang Siur intersection; a 2nd warning has been issued to stop the Beach World project at Nusa Dua and there's worrying news of the threat of salt water intrusion along Bali's southern coast line.

By sea - there's the news of an honor received by Benoa as a top cruise port and details on the Fremantle to Bali Yacht rally and race now underway.

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