Monday, April 18, 2011

BALI – Latest Updates

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It's Easter Week in Bali and for those of you celebrating – our wishes for a joyous Easter Holiday.

Leading the news this week: A caterpillar invasion is sweeping across most areas of Bali. Security alerts are in place at the Gilamanuk port in Bali following a West Java suicide bombing last week. An English woman is facing the possibility of five years in prison for violating the terms of her work visa. And a mild earthquake on Friday, April 15, struck off Bali's southern shore but few even noticed the shake.

We have the latest edition of "Bali by the Numbers" analyzing arrivals through the end of February 2011.

In development news: Community leaders call for a "tax free" status for "no-build zones" surrounding sacred temples. Highway officials say overloading of trucks in Bali to blame for the poor condition of the island's roads. Bali is devising ways to deal with growing mountains of trash created every day by Bali's nearly 3 million residents. And, Bali is exploring the use of solar panels to power street lights.

From the hotel sector there's news from the Bali Hotels Association on the many efforts underwa to keep Bali green and clean. The Best Western Hotel in Kuta appears near a final shutdown with formal letters ordering its closure issued by the regent of Badung. The Chateau de Bali project in East Bali is stuck; its South Korean developer trying to obtain licenses to build after the fact. There's also news of two pastry chefs from Nusa Dua who have brought home honors to Bali.

We've got news on the 10 best restaurants in Ubud. Details on the Fremantle to Bali Yacht race. And news of a Museum exhibition on Balinese dance in London.

In aviation news, Garuda acquires a new Airbus 330-200. And, in the face of Japan's worsening situation, Garuda cuts more flights to Japan, deciding to divert aircraft to serve the busier Middle East market.

Property agents are reminded of their responsibility to report suspicious transaction potentially tied to illegal money laundering.

In coming events:
• A fundraiser this Wednesday in Sanur for the Women's Health Center in Denpasar.
• French Films and French Jazz are coming to Bali - both in the coming two weeks.
• The 20th Annual Rotary Club Nusa Dua Charity Tennis Tournament May 8-13.
• The 5th BIZNET Bali International Triathlon reports record registrations leading up to race day on June 26th.
Chock full of news, this week's edition of Bali Update.

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