Thursday, April 21, 2011

Indonesia - A 150-kg Bomb Targets Church

A massive 150-kilogram bomb found buried beneath a gas pipeline in Serpong, Tangerang, on Thursday morning was targeting the nearby Catholic Church in a Good Friday attack. 19 arrested suspects on Thursday led police to the gas pipeline near a church in Serpong, where they found the massive bomb just about a hundred meters from the church.

Islamic militants had been plotting the attack for Good Friday celebrations.

Those arrested on Thursday included six accused in a series of mail bombs sent last month. Those arrested had links to “old terror network Jemaah Islamiyah [JI].

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  1. SBS (Australia)
    Thursday, April 21, 2011

    Islam's Deadly Divide

    Followers of a religious community in Indonesia are coming under
    increasingly violent attack from hardline Muslims.

    Ahmadiyah members controversially believe an Indian who lived in the
    late 19th century was the Messiah that Jesus and Muhammad promised
    would come.

    But since the government banned them from spreading their faith in
    2008, they’ve increasingly been seen as a deviant sect of Islam and
    the attacks have intensified.

    Video journalist David O’Shea reports on a violent mob attack on a
    house in Java, which left three people dead, as police stood by doing
    virtually nothing.

    He also sits in on a parliamentary hearing, which is supposed to be
    seeking a solution, but instead many of the politicians mock the
    Ahmadiyah faith; and he speaks to cleric Abu Bakar Ba'ashir, who's
    facing another terrorism trial and is forthright on his views against

    The increasing division is causing particular concern for human rights
    groups, who ask which other religious minorities could be next.

    WATCH a preview of this week's show, airing on Sunday 24th April at
    8.30pm on SBS ONE, which will feature David's report. It will also be
    available online later that evening.