Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Call for a safer Bali - Australians still dying in Bali in robberies, poisonings and murder-one Aussie tourist dies every nine days in Bali

How one Aussie tourist dies every nine days on paradise island of Bali


Bali is a tourism magnet. An unsafe Bali will make tourists choose other destinations as Bali has seen rape cases, attacking foreigners. A Swedish woman recently reported that she had been raped inside her hotel room in the famous tourism area of Kuta.

On Thursday, a British woman was found dead with multiple injuries to her body in a villa in Junjungan, a quiet neighborhood of upscale villas in Ubud. The woman was found lying on the floor with a black cloth covering her face.

IT'S among the nation's most popular overseas holiday destinations - but the island paradise of Bali has a more sinister side.

New figures reveal one Australian dies on Bali every nine days, while hundreds more need consular help after experiencing problems.

Consular officials say alcohol and drugs fuel many of the accidents, while nightclub fights are among the biggest causes of trouble for thousands of Aussies who fly to the tropical island every year.

The consulate is advised of all deaths but refused to detail causes for privacy reasons..

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    AUSTRALIA’s favourite overseas holiday destination is also one of the deadliest, with 48 Aussies losing their lives in Bali 2014, or one death every eight days.
    Figures provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade also showed 118 Australians fell ill or were admitted to hospital in Bali, and 20 were arrested in the year to June 30.
    The deaths included those of Noelene Bischoff and her daughter Yvana, 14, who died from a rare form of food poisoning in January.