Friday, March 20, 2015

NO MAN IS AN ISLAND... but The Late Malcolm Fraser, former Prime Minister of Austrealia was

NO MAN IS AN ISLAND... but The Late Malcolm Fraser, former Prime Minister of Austrealia was

My Opinion,

He was back-stabbing ‘B’ and I for one will NOT miss him.

When I was based at Fairbairn in the RAAF and flew on a regular basis with Menzies, Black Jack and all the others he was NOT part of the team and when he discovered the use of 34 Sqn he used this to leverage himself to the front bench.

My Firsthand knowledge...

As PM he had both Houses and did not use this to Australians full benefit.

I am annoyed with this hypocrisy and don’t accept he was a good leader but an opportunist. And betrayed the core values of the Conservative Front in this country.

 “In Australia he is also remembered for what became known as the Memphis trousers affair. On a trip to the US in 1986 he was found dazed and wandering in the foyer of a downmarket Memphis hotel, trouserless and wearing a towel. He claimed to have no recollection of events and declined ever after to comment further.”

His cooperation with Governor General Sir John Kerr to have Whitlam sacked in 1975 was duly greeted with wild approval by the electorate, but the Left never forgave him and he suffered the minority’s permanent hatred.

His reign was one of torpor and ineffectiveness, leaving many conservatives disappointed, but under the instruction of Whitlam, the Left continued to maintain the rage, and it never subsided.

I knew him well. To me he was a complex yet simple man, he presented as a stern disciplinarian but you could sense the anguish and uncertainty bubbling below the surface.

Following the sacking, John Kerr was rarely seen sober and was constantly vilified by his Left associates in the judiciary. Did Fraser share Kerr’s shame? I think so. But we will never know the situation for Australia had Kerr not acted, because Whitlam’s mastery of brinkmanship ensured a Constitutional crisis regardless.

The Left will never agree, but history proved Kerr correct and unfortunately, Fraser visually culpable.


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