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Latest BALI news - Om Swastiastu ...

Om Swastiastu ...

Bali has emerged on the other side of “Nyepi” – Bali’s mandatory day of silence and solitude – and into the New Year of Saka 1937. This edition has four articles on “Nyepi” including a holiday overview, and the effects of a day of silence on the airport, toll road and power consumption.

Lead news stories cover the conviction of a Russian shoplifter caught in Kuta; an American teenager standing trial for murder in Bali has given birth while in jail; growing disenchantment with plans to severely restrict where beer can be sold; and a firm “no” from the Governor of West Nusa Tenggara to plans to use sand from West Lombok to reclaim land in Bali’s Benoa Bay.

Search and rescue is in the news. A 40—meter purpose-built rescue ship is now based at Bali’s Benoa Bat, Bali is in desperate need of two “new” search and rescue helicopters.

Indonesia has announced the addition of 30 countries – bringing to 45 the number of countries eligible for visa-free visits. Missing from that list is Australia that Tourism Minister Arief Yahya assures will be given visa-free status when Indonesians enjoy the same courtesy when on a trip Down Under. Meanwhile, President Joko Widodo has met head-on those in the government expressing concerns that a more liberal visa policy represents a security threat. Finally, a leading tourism expert issues the warning that efforts to grow tourism arrivals will not automatically result in a proportionate increase in foreign exchange earnings.

Eager to achieve 20 million tourist visitors by 2019, Indonesia’s Tourism Minister sets an ambitious national target of 12 million tourists for 2015.

Bali has a new Chief of Police – General Ronny Franky Sompie now on duty at Bali Police Headquarters.

The Badung Regency of Bali identifies at least 15 cultural traditions and rituals in danger of extinction.

Be sure to see the latest installment of “Bali by the Numbers” covering foreign tourist arrivals through the end of February 2015. Australian arrivals are at record highs showing no signs at this point of a threatened boycott of Bali.

Hotel News: The NusaBay Lembongan Resort by Waka Hotels completes an extensive refurbishment program.

Less than 3 months to go until the 2nd Bali & Beyond Travel Fair June 10-14, 2015 with a dinner hosted by Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

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Om Çanti Çanti Çanti Om ...

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