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Well, I guess legislators will have to wake up soon and it might take an Islamic terrorist attack on their own damned Legislative Assemblies where legislators’ own lives are at risk before they take the Islamic curse seriously and act to protect their constituents. Is Canberra at risk? You bet your bloody booty it is. 

Attacks on high-profile sites encourage recruitment to the Islamic State. Terrorists foretell an attack and when successful they ring 911 to report it to ensure they get credit. They have no fear of being killed, they welcome it.

Canada’s commitment to Iraq is a carbon copy of Canberra’s and Canada was warned in the same way as Tony Abbott was warned yesterday. 

Parliament’s proximity to our National War Memorial is the same as Ottawa’s Parliament to its National War Memorial.

Still our politicians refrain from calling even the Ottawa outrage Islamic terrorism, preferring the nomenclature of “lone wolf”, and still they insist it has nothing to do with Islam. 

How the hell can a mad Muslim carry a gun into any Parliament and how can authorities be actually following the very vehicle that runs down soldiers in the street is a politically correct mystery.

When mad Muslims ran down British soldier Lee Rigby and partially beheaded him they hung around waiting for police to turn up. Surely now it’s time for Western governments to become proactive rather than reactive. 

Surely it’s time to now realise terrorists’ funds are being raised within mosques using the insidious halal certification of our food and radicalisation and recruitment begins with hate-preaching clerics in those very same mosques. But we allow it to happen under the guise of free speech. 

Well, free speech ain’t much good to anyone who has just been separated from his head.

Terrorism, dare I mention, has one common thread... and that’s Islam. 

Many Australian Islamic households will be waking this morning to high fives all round at brekky. I doubt there will be many high fives in Presbyterian households.

The power of an inane mind-bending cult was seen in Jonestown where hundreds of gullible dolts poisoned themselves and their children en masse for a cause... and on instruction. 

By 7am today no-one in authority in Canada the US or Australia has been prepared to call the attack an act of terrorism, let alone an act of Islamic terrorism. 

There needs to be an awakening to what we are dealing with and it will probably take a terrorist attack affecting those who need to barricade themselves in parliaments before that happens.

No plague can be dealt with effectively until it is recognised for what it is.

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