Sunday, August 31, 2014

To suggest the fight against terrorism has naught to do with Islam displays a madness beyond comprehension and a weakness the Islamic terrorist giggles at

Abu Hamza al-Masri, an imam at the Finsbury Park mosque in north London, was convicted on 11 counts of terrorism and taking 16 hostages in Yemen in 1998. He left three Britons and an Australian dead.

He was also found guilty of advocating violent jihad in Afghanistan and conspiring to establish a jihad training camp in Oregon, U.S. He lost his hands and an eye experimenting with explosives.

He is just one of a procession of Islamic clerics Abbott wants to join his “Team Australia”. Is it naivete or stupidity that would drive a man to ask for Islamic inclusiveness in the fight against terrorism? It would have made more sense to ask Hitler to help with the holocaust.

To suggest the fight against terrorism has naught to do with Islam displays a madness beyond comprehension and a weakness the Islamic terrorist giggles at. Until Abbott accepts that the Islamic State, and every other terrorist organisation hell-bent on destroying the West, is borne of Islam, and only Islam, then Australia can look forward to suffering the atrocities this vile cult is determined to wreak on us.

Mowing weeds only makes them stronger. To prevent them overtaking your garden they need to be rooted out. And the root of Islamic terrorism lies deep in our protected mushrooming mosques housing the imams, mullahs and clerics who remain free to preach our destruction and further radicalise Islam’s youth.

Islamic inclusiveness has no role to play in this war.

Every evil organisation on earth has its most vociferous proponent at its head. Every religious cult has its most dedicated firebrand preacher at the vanguard. From the Flat Earth Society to the KKK, and every cult in between, the leaders are invariably the most dedicated nutters exhorting to less dedicated prospective nutters.

The worst of hundreds of all of the firebrand Islamic radicals in Australia was the Grand Mufti, Ibrahim Abu Mohammad, but our wise Labor Party decided to placate him rather than deport him. Islam’s Grand Mufti is entrusted with interpreting Sharia law yet our leaders are asking the serpent to excise its own tail.

Tony Abbott and ASIO’s David Irvine court the leaders of Islam begging their co-operation to deter radical Islam. WTF? The leaders ARE the radicals you galahs, are you seriously looking to reform them? 

Every organisation, including Christianity, is duty bound to enlist new members to gain strength with obligatory enticements. Christianity has its heaven, Islam its 72 virgins and both have their hell fires. I haven’t figured out yet what those female suicide bombers get 72 of.

If Abbott wants to combat radical Islam he should look at the internal structure of his own church.

Should he seriously have asked his bishops and priests to help quell the excesses of Christianity? Was it the priests and bishops themselves who opted to combat paedophilia? No, they were brought kicking and screaming before Royal Commissions by the rank and file. It was the foot soldiers who led the charge, the generals were quite happy to continue with their vile practices into the next millennium.

The worst of Islam can be found in the alcoves of protected mosques where groups of youths, instructed by mullahs, can be found each Friday planning the demise of their hosts.

Did these youths decide all by themselves to riot on our streets brandishing “Behead all non-believers” placards? Of course not! Youths aren’t born bad, their elders made them bad. And until our leaders understand the root cause of radical Islam, and deal with it from the top down, we are bound to fall prey to it.

It’s little wonder Abbott’s olive branch was pissed on. 
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