Thursday, March 24, 2011

Indonesian Bomb Fears: bomb threat reported in the resort island of Bali.

Airports Tighten Security

With the bomb scares showing no signs of abating, the country’s airport operator said on Wednesday that it would be stepping up its security measures. The latest bomb scare to hit the capital was at the Depok branch of state-owned Bank Mandiri on Wednesday. Police in Depok have also been conducting random roadside checks since the bomb scares began, with teams of police officers and soldiers setting up roadblocks every night to search vehicles and check identification.

This was the latest bomb scare that hit Indonesia in recent days. In the capital city Jakarta, four parcel bombs have been located and a bomb threat was reported in the resort island of Bali. A bomb parcel exploded in Utan Kayu, East Jakarta. The explosive device was sent to the local KBR 68H Radio News Agency.The explosive package was delivered hidden inside a hollowed out book. A police officer attempted to defuse the parcel bomb with his bare hand after pouring cold water on it.

However, the bomb exploded blowing off the policeman's hand at his wrist.
Another explosive package was located at the National Narcotics Agency office in Jakarta. The bomb was delivered by an unidentified man but a police bomb squad managed to deactivate it before it exploded.

A third parcel bomb was sent to Ulil Abshar Abdalla, chairman of the Liberal Islam Network, in Utan Kayu. The device exploded while a team of policemen was trying to defuse it; three police officers were severely injured.
On Thursday, a fourth explosive device hidden in a hollowed out book was sent to the residence of music mogul Ahmad Dhani in Pondok Indah, south Jakarta. All four bombs were concealed in the same way.

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