Monday, March 28, 2011

BALI Latest Updates

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Bali celebrated its unique beauty in two ways this past week. Destinasian magazine announced the results of it readers' survey, which, once again, named Bali as the best holiday destination. Then, on Wednesday of last week, I saw the dazzling premiere of "Bali is My Life" – a monumental documentary on Bali made possible through the generous support of the Bali Hotel Association.

If you're hankering to visit Bali and the islands to the east, there's a few places left on a 12-day cruise and land program departing 9 June. Details in this week's Bali Update.

In news coverage you can read about the return of Bird Flu to Bali; a new approach to combating rabies in north Bali; the case of 649,000 missing motor vehicles on Bali's roads; an accusation of corruption leveled in the construction of a road-side LED sign in Kuta; how rubbish and trash is threatening to damage Bali's tourism reputation; and complaints about heavy-handed tactics by Customs officers from Kuta businesses.

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan still reverberate to the distant shores of Bali. Hotels report bookings are down; Garuda has cuts capacity between Bali and Tokyo; assurances are issued that Indonesian airplanes are free of radiation; and food items imported from Japan are now being certified as safe and radiation-free.

Development news this week says land acquisition issues may delay the building of a much-needed underpass and there's a commitment from Bali's governor to press full ahead with the new provincial zoning law.

In a growing tradition for specially themed Sunday lunches, the Laguna Resort at Nusa Dua offers a sumptuous Chinese buffet each week from 12 to 3 pm.

In aviation news, the Indonesian government issues stern reminders on the maximum number of hours that pilots can fly.

Visit "The Four Seasons of Vivalavi" for an updated and corrected version of the article that appeared in last week's Update.

There's news of a major epidemiology and public health conference coming to Bali November 8-11, 2011.

Also, read how the Chief of Police wants foreign language lessons for tourism officers. We also have an interview with Governor Made Pastika revealing his inclination to browse the Internet.

There's also another installment of "We Get Mail"

All this, and more, this week's edition!

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