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Heroin, the CIA in Afghanistan, 9/11 and the Mujahadeen

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has always been on the outside edge of politics. His claim to fame was becoming a hero during the Mujahedeen resistance to the Soviets in the 1990s. His nefarious brother, Ahmed Wali Karzai, is of particular interest for his role in the booming heroin trade and the subsequent troop surge in Marja (Helmand Province). Ahmad Wali is most likely the top drug lord of Afghanistan, if not the entire region and rules the trade routes with an iron fist under the guise of being a businessman.

Ahmad Wali Karzai served time in US Federal prison for trafficking heroin but returned to Afghanistan and created a very large and very feared “security company” that essentially controls trade in and around the Helmand Province, specifically "Highway 1" (a strategic route). The Helmand Province is considered to be the world’s most fertile region for growing poppies (opium/heroin).

He and his minions charge convoys in order to pass through the region unharmed and many US Military commanders have even admitted to this yet continue to play along in order to avoid bloodshed and issues. His forces control passage of private trucks, civilians, military convoys and most importantly; the heroin. In 2010, President Hamid Karzai banned foreign private security contractors from operating in public in Afghanistan. In August of 2010, he reiterated this decision very publicly (and in the direction of the United States), saying many of the organizations tasked with providing security are engaging in terrorist activities, working with “Mafia-like” organizations and “looting and stealing from the Afghan people.” He has often accused the United States, United Nations and other Western countries of interference in national events and in shaping the power structure of Afghanistan. He once even threatened the West with rejoining the Taliban himself (back to his roots, I suppose?) if the interference did not cease. Mujahadeen, the Taliban and the CIA’s al-Qaeda

One important thing to note is that the Taliban was created, funded, trained and used as a proxy military by the United States. In the 1990s, the Mujahadeen were considered ‘freedom fighters’ against the Soviet invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. Once the Soviets withdrew in shameful defeat, many of these Taliban, or freedom fighters, returned to their respective countries – mainly Saudi Arabia. As most know, the Saudis have essentially been the Arabic arm of the George Bush administration and the CIA for decades. But, Saudi Arabia didn’t want them there. The taliban fighters were shunned and some of them started realizing they had been used as pawns. Small bands of former Mujahadeen began to appear in various countries, railing against their former leaders and governments.

Many say that Osama bin Laden was still an intelligence asset at this time. Even if he wasn’t, his small group for former taliban were identified as having plotted a terrorist event we all know as 9/11 on some level. Operation Able Danger identified his entire hierarchy but during congressional hearings after the fact, the agents and officers were not allowed to discuss this or many other aspects of their investigation into current extremist activity arising out of the former Mujahadeen. Why is that? What needed to be covered up? Potential links to intelligence operatives or other countries? Israel? Pakistan’s ISI? New reports clearly indicate that even the FBI knew of 9/11 ahead of time in a report entitled, “Kamikaze Pilots.” They garnered this information from an informant who warned them repeatedly. FEMA and the Pentagon executed preparedness drills in case the Pentagon and the Twin Towers were struck by planes. Regardless of the 9/11 connections, and even at a fundamental level, it is clear to see that the actual “taliban” used to be our friends. They were our allies and proxies in the Middle East. When we turned our back on them, is it any wonder some of them became radicalized? It’s a classic case of abandonment and rebellion. Add in lucrative and enticing offers by various intelligence agencies around the world and the al-Qaeda phenomenon quickly becomes a very deep rabbit hole that begs the question, “All-CIA-duh?”

The leader of a Pakistan based terrorist organization closely affiliated with al-Qaeda has recently detailed how his group benefited from extensive political and financial support from the CIA in return for continued attacks against the government, the people and the infrastructure of Iran.

Karzai and Control
This week, reports from the BBC indicate that President Karzai’s cousin was accidently killed in a strike. This comes only a short time after nine children were killed in another strike that he continues to publicly condemn.
Source: BBC
A relative of Afghan President Hamid Karzai has been mistakenly killed by Nato troops in southern Afghanistan, officials say. Yar Muhammad Khan was at his home in Dand district near Kandahar city when he was shot dead in an overnight raid. Nato says it is investigating the incident.
Hundreds of Afghans took to the streets of the capital, Kabul, last week to protest about civilian deaths at the hands of foreign forces.
“There were operations taking place near his house. He was killed by mistake. He was not a target,” Ahmad Wali Karzai, the brother of President Karzai and head of Kandahar’s provincial council, said. It comes just days after President Karzai lashed out at US-led forces over the recent accidental killing of nine boys by US forces in eastern Kunar province.
Yar Muhammad Khan; cousin to the Afghanistan President and former Mujahadeen/Taliban fighter and cousin to Afghanistan’s largest heroin dealer was killed. On accident. This could have been for several reasons.

Maybe it was an accident. I mean, with laser guided missiles accurate to 2 inches, bunker busters that can detonate several stories underground with surgical perfection and Predator Drones with hi-def tracking cameras and infared optics, anyone could accidently be killed. Right? And if he is cousin to the President, I can’t imagine he lives in the slums. If ground operations were taking place near his home, someone . . . somewhere . . . had explicit orders and intelligence to be careful in and around the family of the President. Right? One would think.

I believe there is more than enough circumstantial and character evidence to suspect he might have even been killed as retaliation for President Hamid Karzai’s recent – and continuous – railing of the United States for “accidentally” killing nine children in a strike. Maybe the media attention surrounding the forced apology by General Patreus had something to do with it? Hmmm? That’s the standard modus operandi of assassination teams – coercion and public perception control.

Maybe, just maybe, it had something to do with the heroin trade that his cousin Ahmed has his hands so firmly entrenched in? The same opium trade that the United States helps finance. There are confirmed reports that even top US military commanders either engage in bribes or are aware of bribes given to the Taliban, insurgents and druglords for various “favors” and lack of resistance.

There are a million possible theories, but just know this; the Karzais, the heroin trade and the CIA are an interesting family.
Kevin Hayden, Truth Is Treason Activist Post

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