Thursday, September 11, 2014

Islamic Terror – the Real Danger is Bad Policy from a Good Orator (Obama)

Every Western nation is confused as to why their Muslim youth is flooding to support the Islamic State, yet it’s an easy question that no Western leader will confront. The answer is deeply imbedded in the Muslim psyche. The answer is this, it has been sitting there for 1500 years and will never change:

The Muslim way has always been to gravitate to the winning side, it is how they learnt to survive constant tribal ideological wars between Sunni and Shia which served only to temporarily define Islam’s confusing doctrines. Loyalty is a word they have never known.

But it’s not just Sunni and Shia that drives the atrocities, it’s the myriad sects and tribes that bubble within both. They have developed over centuries, aligning with bitter tribal enemies to defeat a greater threat only to return to killing each other once the threat has been destroyed. Islam is borne of a violence that can never be appeased.

The US was shocked that the Iraqi soldiers they trained and supplied over ten years dropped their arms and fled in the face of an apparent greater foe. 

They hid their uniforms, donned T shirts and jeans and pled their Sunni doctrine but the Islamic State had anticipated the cowardice with laptops to determine their IDs. Where there was doubt, they simply asked questions from the Koran and if the responses indicated a Shia doctrine they were sprayed with AK47 bullets.

This is the way of the Muslim. He will betray his Islamic sect and join in killing his own people. He will willingly join the winning side until that side becomes the losing side and it starts over again. 

Islam will fight itself until it gains ascendancy over the West via immigration, then every sect and tribe of Sunni and Shia will align as one. 

The need to join the winning side beats in the chest of every Western Islamic youth. Western Muslims were keen to join Al Queda only until it was degraded and now they are scrambling to join the Islamic State which despises Al Queda as weak and defeated... so what is the likely outcome if Obama succeeds in his aim to degrade the Islamic State 

The US will never defeat the Islamic threat simply because it doesn’t understand the Islamic psyche. How is it possible to define, confront and defeat an enemy with air strikes when it’s an enemy that was formerly your ally but has melded seamlessly into the ranks of the greater enemy? But Obama’s latest “strategy” seeks to achieve that impossible task.     

The West needs to stop its interference in an Islamic world it has never understood. It needs to resist its addiction to destroying tyrants like Assad, Gaddafi, Hussein and Mubarak. 

The Islamic world successfully maintained precarious balances of powers only because these tyrants ruled with an iron fist and a bloodied sword. The West has now upset that balance and the Islamic world is fighting for new power bases with new tyrants. 

With mid-term elections looming, Obama is determined to keep his southern borders open and US troops out of Iraq. The danger the Islamic State poses to the West is that it has expanded unopposed while Obama equivocated. 

Without a military ally, an air force or naval capacity and with only the weapons the Americans left behind in Iraq and the small arms supplied to Syrian rebels the Islamic State has successfully projected an international image of strength that has psychologically spooked the West with graphic images of executions. 

Those atrocities were always there but it wasn’t until they were shown on our nightly newscasts that voters awoke from their slumber in a watershed of realisation of what true Islamic doctrine was all about. 

Political heavyweights, including Abbott, have not yet caught up with public concern over Islam.

The Islamic State itself has almost no military capability. Their stolen US tanks and artillery need regular maintenance as does all equipment subjected to desert sand. 

They now have attack helicopters but have no idea how to fly them and even if they did, they can’t maintain them or ask the US for spare parts. Maintenance time equals time in combat and engineers are not part of their armoury.  

They have no ability to deploy heavy equipment efficiently. They have no carriers in the Gulf, no satellites no drones and no training in sophisticated warfare apart from their knives, Koran handbooks and laptops. 

They can easily be defeated, but as said here ad nauseum, they will not be defeated with airstrikes alone, they can only be contained. It took ground troops to create this mess and it will take ground troops to fix it. 

It’s to be hoped if the Islamic State can be degraded then the West will step away and allow this backward cult of Islam to define its own future with a new set of warlords, who are already jockeying for position and battling to see who can aspire to recognition for the greater atrocities.

The less we interfere with it the less we will suffer their terrorist atrocities.

Obama is a fool preoccupied by mid-term elections. He was warned of the rise of the Islamic State eight months ago but chose to ignore it. 

Now it has had time to establish itself in Iraq’s second largest city of Mosul, Obama actually believes he can identify and destroy the enemy from the air? Is he kidding? No, he is serious, and he actually intends to arm the “moderates”. But his former “moderates” are now part of the Islamic State. 

There is only one way this scourge can be defeated and that’s with ground troops and integrated air strikes. Once defeated, Western Islamic youth will no longer be attracted there... until yet another terrorist cell gains the ascendancy and Islamic youths’ hearts will again start beating excitedly in anticipation of the West’s annihilation.

There is no greater threat to world peace than a good orator who espouses bad policy.

Obama has determined to wrestle with smoke while we nurture, finance and embolden the enemy within.

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