Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Islamic centre raided by Australian Federal Police


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The 31-year-old brother of Australia's first suicide bomber is among two men arrested following an Australian Federal Police raid on an Islamic book store south of Brisbane.

Omar Succarieh of Kuraby and 21-year-old Agim Kruezi from Boronia Heights were taken into custody after police raided iQraa Islamic Centre at Underwood on Wednesday morning, along with eight other addresses.

Both will appear in Brisbane Magistrates Court on Thursday morning, with police expected to oppose bail for the pair.

Succarieh's brother Ahmed was investigated over an incident in Syria in September 2013 when a truck laden with explosives was driven into a military checkpoint.

AFP Assistant Commissioner Neil Gaughan, the national manager for counter terrorism, said 180 AFP and Queensland police officers executed nine search warrants in Logan and southern Brisbane on Wednesday following a 12-month investigation.

Succarieh was charged with providing funds to Syrian terrorist organisation Jabhat al-Nusra. He was also charged over plans to enter Syria to "engage in hostile activity".

Kruezi was charged over "preparations for incursions into Syria, with the intentions of engaging in hostile activities".

He was also charged with recruiting people to commit the same acts.

With Australian Federal Police taking two people into custody just hours before Wednesday's Parliament session, the threat of terrorism was very much on Premier Campbell Newman's mind.

Mr Newman told parliament that while there was "no immediate danger", the government would "remain on alert and keep Queenslanders informed".

With the world leaders headed to Brisbane for November's G20 summit, Mr Newman said he was in "constant communication" with both the state police commissioner and federal authorities.

This comes as ASIO Director General David Irvine has said he is actively considering raising the terror threat level from medium to high.

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  1. Today a Federal Police officer stood outside an Islamic bookstore where two Muslims had just been arrested on terrorism charges. He squinted into the camera lens and without blinking assured viewers that the arrests had, “nothing to do with Islam”.

    Well I guess if the police raided a drug lab and arrested two bikies it would have nothing to do with bikies either?

    It’s difficult to fight a war against terrorism if authorities are prevented from identifying the terrorist as Islamic when terrorism can invariably be defined as an Islamic perversion.

    Oh well, maybe the holocaust had nothing to do with Nazism either.