Wednesday, September 28, 2016

This mob in the White House is the most corrupt Administration since Serbia’s Slobodan Miloservic


Hosni Mubarek was booted out of office with the support of the Obama Administration. Obama financially and personally helped one of the world’s oldest terrorist organisations, The Muslim Brotherhood, into power with the hopeless Mohamed Morsi as President. Many members of the now banned Muslim Brotherhood still hold positions in Obama’s Administration.

The Arab spring was an exhilarating time for Obama and Clinton.

President Bush Senior had already booted Saddam Hussein’s “million strong” Republican Guard out of Kuwait but, despite encouragement, stopped at the Iraqi border, refusing to go on and take Baghdad and destroy the Hussein regime. Bush the Elder wisely thought that move would be a disaster.


After 9/11 President Bush Junior decided Hussein had to go, despite the fact he had nothing to do with 9/11, so he invaded Iraq anyway and hung Hussein high before installing a useless Shia regime headed by Haider al-Abadi. Then a disaster of divisiveness and paybacks began until the reins were finally given over to Nouri Al Maliki. 


                                                       He was, and still is, worse.

Yet America inexplicably stuck by Al Maliki and as a result, is suffering a strategic defeat in Iraq that has spread to the Middle East in general. The Americans still don’t get how Islamic tribal warfare works. It’s not all about guns, it’s more about treacherously swapping sides to secure tribal power.

Never having been in charge of anything before, apart from a violent, secretive Shiite Islamist political party, Al Maliki struggled with his own Party’s violence. Thousands of Sunni Iraqis were killed and millions more were displaced, the oil industry collapsed, along with his corrupt political partners.

Then in 2007 President Obama incredibly gave a date that his 180,000 American troops would depart Iraq. Hmmm, pretty smart eh?

Well Bush Junior wasn’t much smarter when he signed an agreement with the Iraqi Government Forces setting a deadline of 31st December 2011, before which time "all United States Forces would be withdrawn from all Iraqi territory".


Of course the forewarned vacuum created allowed the newly-born ISIS leader Al Baghdadi (above) to lick his lips in anticipation. Now he had a date he could plan toward where there would be no opposition to a Sunni caliphate.

Shia Iraqis were naturally mercilessly murdered and the growth of ISIS exploded while Obama, despite PM Tony Abbott's urgings, refused to bring back all but a few Special Forces to control the mayhem.

Now the West, via the Holy Triumvirate of the United States, NATO and the European Union mused over yet another regime change, this time in Gaddafi’s Libya and led by Hillary Clinton. But only because France was planning to go it alone and take the rich Libyan oilfields as it was already well represented in many African countries and felt quite entitled.


In the Arab Spring of 2011 NATO then relentlessly bombed Libya into oblivion over seven months and Gaddafi’s opponents shoved a knife up his bum and twirled it around while another rebel shot him in the head with his own fancy hand gun. 

According to multiple sources interviewed by “The New York Times”, Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, and with the full backing of President Obama, became convinced that overthrowing Gaddafi would lead to a democracy. Hmmm, well that hasn’t quite worked out for Hillary either.

“Can I finish the two wars I’m already in before you guys go looking for a third one?” US Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates asked at the time. It fell on Hillary’s deaf ears.

The Afghanistan regime-change was also a disaster dressed with yet another of Obama’s troop withdrawal dates. 

For Christ’s sake it doesn’t take the military guile of a Napoleon to know that you should never expose your plans in advance to the enemy... unless of course you intend the plans to be a ruse.


But there was no ruse as the Taliban re-armed and patiently waited until the last soldier left before systematically killing all the girls attending schools and beating the women teaching them.


So that makes four fucked up regime-changes we can mark up to Bush, Obama, Kerry and Hillary Clinton. You would think they would be happy with that. But no, there was yet another tyrant they thought should be done away with... the democratically elected Bashar Assad of Syria (above).

Unfortunately Assad, a minority Alawite Muslim, decided to resist the Americans and has fought to save his nation from the rebel invaders. Even more unfortunately ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Khorasan and a hundred other of their evil offshoots have decided to fight alongside the US-supported rebels as they would all like a piece of the spoils when Assad is gone. Hmmm, should be fun watching that.

Unfortunately they all look the same militarily in a guerrilla fire fight. And try distinguishing fighters from a bomber aircraft!

Fortunately, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, a staunch ally of Assad, has decided to come to his rescue under the guise of killing ISIS jihadists. (He knows America would agree to that.) But Putin is killing American-funded rebel Syrian fighters instead and Obama is furious about that so he has bombed the crap out of a dozen or so of Putin’s and Assad's fighters.

With one million dead Syrian civilians and two million refugees escaping through to Europe with various terrorist intentions, Obama seems quite happy to take 110,000 refugees himself (I mean they are all Muslims aren’t they) with the Communist Canadian Trudeau to his north matching him.


Now, after all that, you would think Barack and Hillary would give the game away and hook up with Bill and one of his floosies for a swinging foursomes holiday in the Seychelles or something. But no... they not only want another term in the White House but they are siding with the corrupt Poroshenko of Ukraine against Putin who is fighting for land access to his Crimean Naval port.

This mob in the White House is the most corrupt Administration since Serbia’s Slobodan Miloservic.

And they haven’t even finished with Kerry and Iran or the Saudis and Turkey yet. Golly!

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



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