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Never before in recorded history have so many people migrated into another country without first securing a military victory. I’m not talking about the normal movement of a few traders or diplomats, or the occasional adventurous soul wanting to try something different. Since WW2, mass immigration from the third world has transformed Western nations, and not always in a way that the majority is comfortable with.

Most ordinary working class people were never in favour of this process. In the late ‘60s many of them marched peacefully in England in support of Enoch Powell’s stance.

He was one of the few politicians who was prepared to speak out on the issue. Despite being one of the most right-wing politicians in the British Government, he held a working class, industrial, inner city constituency for more than 14 years.

He only resigned in disgust when Prime Minister Edward Heath conned the Poms into handing sovereignty to the EEC.

So how did this mass migration happen? In theory, the ordinary people were supposed to be in control of government. Wasn’t it their vote that put the politicians there in the first place?

No matter who they voted for however, immigration not only continued, but accelerated.

In the long term, immigration is not necessarily bad economically; especially if the migrants are upwardly mobile and willing to assimilate. In the short term however, the law of supply and demand says that an influx of migrants will lower wages temporarily.

A constant flow of migrants will of course, lower wages constantly.


There is never a shortage of work in a society. We all want our houses renovated, our lawns mowed and someone to build us a better car. In a capitalist economy, a shortage of workers drives up wages. That’s a good thing for workers, it is the wonder of capitalism.

Big business hates this of course. The competition in capitalism drives wages up and prices down. Bringing in migrants is a deliberate ploy to lower the wages of ordinary workers.

You may remember a couple of years ago when the Government was bringing in people from India to drive taxis. They told us that there was a shortage of Australians who were prepared to do this job.

Apparently, no-one told Uber. People are queueing up to drive for Uber today. A surprisingly large proportion of these are ordinary dinky di Aussies. The problem was never a lack of workers.

The problem is that our elites hate paying a market rate to employ people for doing “menial tasks.”


Little wonder they love the idea of importing hordes of cheap labour to drive wages down and profits up.

While some conservative politicians have been uneasy about this, most conservative parties are beholden to big business. Little wonder then, that conservative parties in general have been pro-immigration from the get go.

Fortunately for them, anyone who opposes this policy can be shut down by accusing them of being an uneducated, racist bigot.

You might think the Left wing parties would be siding with the poor old working stiffs on this one but they have their snouts in the trough too.

Moderates in the Labor party see poor migrants as potential voters. Any backlash from the majority is more than compensated for by the “ethnic vote.” This increases the power and privilege of the labor politicians so don’t expect any sympathy from them.

The far Left of the Labor party now call themselves the Greens. These people are Marxists. Like Marx, they despise the capitalist system and the Judeo/Christian ethics (such as “thou shall not steal or covet”) which underpin it.

Their goal is to destroy the capitalist societies so they can create a worker’s paradise with themselves as benevolent dictators (like Joe Stalin or Pol Pot).

They used to think that the workers would rise up and destroy the system for them. Unfortunately, the workers of the Western world were too busy raising their wages through capitalism. They had no intention of destroying the goose that was laying the golden eggs.

Marxists have never forgiven the despicable workers for this. Now they have changed tack and are using “victim groups” as a weapon to undermine and destroy our societies.

There is no more useful victim group than dirt poor, third world refugees. As an added bonus, third world cultures have no concept of the principles that underpin capitalism.

The more backward the culture, the more of a drain they are on the host society. The fact that one group in particular (I think you know who I am talking about here) is itself intent on destroying the capitalist Western world is seen as a fringe benefit.


Fortunately for the Marxists, anyone who opposed this policy could be shut down by screaming UNEDUCATED, RACIST BIGOT!! at them.

Our education system may be paid for by the ordinary taxpayer. It is however, run by the government. While the government pays the wages, oil rich Arab states are paying fat bonus cheques to anyone willing to sing their tune.

Like the government, their tune of course, is mass immigration from third world Islamic hell holes. Intellectuals have been more than happy to go along with this. They don’t have to compete with migrants and their wages are not set by private sector competition. Wages for academics are set by the Government and topped up by Islamic sponsors.

Any academics who oppose this can be sacked for being hate-filled, racist bigots.


The police love mass third world migration too. When I was young, the police in England weren’t even allowed to carry guns. There was no need for it. Their powers were restricted with all sorts of inconvenient checks and balances. Mass immigration has changed all that.

With crime rates going off the scale, citizens’ rights are being thrown in the dustbin. Today, the police in England can arrest people for such heinous crimes as quoting Winston Churchill in public.

Just a few years ago, the police were not allowed to hold people without charge for more than 24 hours. Today, all that has changed dramatically.


Emma West expressed distaste for mass immigration on a train. She was imprisoned without charge for months and had her children taken from her. There wasn’t even a complaint against her. These are powers the police could only have dreamt of before mass third world immigration became a reality.

Lawyers too are having a picnic. They are dining out royally on legal aid fees and migration consultancies. Don’t expect help from the legal profession. Who wants a lawyer in a law abiding country? At $500/hour, these guys can afford some serious campaign contributions.

Beware of course, of stating the obvious fact that third world immigration has contributed to crime. This will have you arrested and prosecuted for being a hate-filled, racist bigot.


Banks are the real winners in all of this. The biggest winners of course, are the biggest banks. More third world migrants mean more government aid and spending. The more hopeless the migrants, the more government spending is needed.

Raising taxes is unpopular so governments borrow the money. That way, they leave the repayments for their successors.

The government borrows the money from the banks that print the money from thin air. This is the most profitable scam in history which is why the banks are the most profitable businesses in the world.


They just love flooding wealthy countries with useless migrants. They are so powerful that when a Prime Minister puts a stop to illegal immigration, they can kick him out and replace him with the former head of a huge Wall St bank (isn’t that right Malcolm?).

The great thing is that anyone who opposes this can be labelled as an uneducated, racist bigot.

Then there are the bureaucrats. They have invented a whole A to Z of migrant rights and services departments. These bureaucrats sport fat salaries and zero accountability. Little wonder that they are in favour of unchecked third world immigration. Try complaining about this and see how long it is before you are labelled as an uneducated, racist bigot.


The Press of course depends for its livelihood on big business, banks and government for their revenue. Judging by the finances of the Packers and Murdochs, these were pretty good livelihoods too. As long as they toed the pro-immigration line, the “rivers of gold” kept flowing

The great thing is that if anyone opposed this, the Press could label them uneducated, racist bigots.

Local councils love mass immigration. More migrants mean more houses. More houses mean more development applications and more development applications means more long boozy lunches and brown paper envelopes. If I had to guess, I’d say that the fattest envelopes come with the least popular developments. We all know what those are.

Luckily for the councils, anyone who opposes this can be labelled as an uneducated, racist bigot.

Little wonder that this gigantic wave of third world migrants has been swamping the western world. With big business, big banks, academics, Marxists, Liberal/Labor/Greens the Press, the police, the judiciary, local councils and of course the voting migrants all in favour. The poor old working classes had no chance of stopping the tide, until now.

Right around now, a whole lot of chickens are coming home to roost.

Big business is being squeezed by insane taxes and swamped by competition from nations that don’t believe “diversity is strength.”

Banks are teetering on the brink of financial destruction. When you print money and lend it out at interest, you have to print ever more to pay the ever increasing interest.


Printing more money lowers interest rates. That is why rates have been going down for the last couple of decades. Rates are now so low that around one third of the world’s sovereign bonds pay negative interest.

What that means is that banks are now lending out money to insolvent governments and paying them for the privilege. This is not a good business model.

Unfortunately, raising rates will bankrupt nation states who will then default on their bonds. If that happens, it will set off a savage deflationary cycle and the banks will be destroyed.

Banks are therefore caught between a rock and a hard place. Little wonder that bank share prices have been collapsing over the last couple of years, particularly in Europe and the USA.

Academics are being challenged too. The internet has opened up information to the ordinary people like never before.

The idiotic assumptions of academia are being discussed and debated in the real world. The corruption of academic principles for petro-dollar patronage is starting to surface. When it does, heads need to roll.

Marxists are in a real bind. They never did their due diligence before hopping into bed with Islam. They should have pulled back the covers first and had a look at what they were getting themselves into.


They assumed that the Muslims were just a bunch of dumb third worlders who could be manipulated for their own advantage.

The Iranian socialists assumed the same thing when they started their revolution. Believe me when I say, that did not work out well for them.

The useful idiots have gone along with this until now. However, even they are starting to sense the stupidity of their position and are nervously eying the exits.

The mainstream Press is no longer the power it once was. It is clinging to financial solvency by its fingernails. People can now get their news online for free.

Barriers to entry have fallen so far that ordinary people can now compete with multinational media companies.

Because they don’t need financial backing, bloggers can tell the truth without fear or favour. With a more level playing field, the truth is gaining a competitive advantage.

Things are not working out for the police either. They are now finding themselves in the firing line, quite literally in the case of Victor Chang.

Local councils are facing an increasingly hostile rate paying public who will no longer cop a mosque without a ferocious fight.

The big news however is the political scene.

Up until now, politicians have been able to shoot down their opposition with accusations of ignorance, racism and bigotry. However, people are no longer willing to cop this “racist” claptrap.

There is a tsunami of community anger rolling through the internet. Surfing this wave are those people who were brave enough to tell the truth all along.


Pauline Hanson, Geert Wilders and Marine Le Penn are all riding high. Most significantly of all however, is Donald Trump. I have been saying for a while now that Trump is likely to be the next president of the USA if he doesn’t get assassinated first.

If Trump does get in, it will be the first time in more than a century that a US president doesn’t owe anything to Wall St, the military industrial complex, foreign powers, or any other lobby group of any significance. This is scaring the pants off the establishment

Years ago, the Press would have been able to shut Trump down by starving him of coverage.

With the internet, they can’t do this. They now have to try to beat him on a level playing field. So far, they have barely laid a glove on him. They are unable to explain why he shouldn’t enforce the nation’s border laws or put the interests of Americans before those of foreigners.

They call his supporters uneducated racist bigots but without a monopoly of the Press, this doesn’t wash. Instead, it just makes them angry.

There are many, so many, skeletons in the US Government closet that the door is close to bursting off its hinges. The only thing keeping it shut is the fact that all the politicians have a stake in keeping it that way.


All except one. Trump has been totally upfront about how he got to where he is. He donated money to the Clintons to grease the wheels of commerce. That is the game he had to play to reach the top. Now he has made it Trump wants to change the game and he is the only one with nothing to lose by blowing open the closet door.

What is inside is anybody’s guess. Who let Bin Laden escape into Pakistan? Why has America been turning on its allies in the Middle East. Why were the Libyan Ambassador and his staff thrown under a bus? Why is the US Government supporting radical Islamic terrorist groups?

The list is just about endless and it is hilarious to see the panic setting in. Top level Republicans are leaping into bed with Hillary and the Democrats. Anti-Semitic Social Justice Warriors are cuddling up to Goldman Sachs. Forestry unions are making advances to Green groups.

All of them are terrified that Trump will actually make good on his promise to put the interests of ordinary Americans first. Of course, all politicians promise to do that, but to actually do it is almost unthinkable.

Maybe this is all a fantasy but it looks to me like the internet has shifted the whole playing field back in favour of the ordinary people. The Elites got a taste of this with Brexit.

The establishment hate this of course. They would love to find a way to control the internet. If we value our freedom, we must ensure that this never happens.


If Trump really does open that closet door however, some of those elites could be heading for serious jail time.

If you ask me, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled', Pickering Post


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