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The media has taken a sharp turn further to the Left now that the Don is looking a chance, and if the FBI had not been thoroughly corrupted by this Administration Hillary would be behind bars. Destroying subpoenaed material is a serious criminal offence that has been inexplicably  ignored by current FBI Director, James Comey, despite the fact he admitted the offence had occurred.

But the CIA and the FBI have always done the governing Administration’s bidding with the CIA operating under a very loose rein internationally and that makes a good cover for crooked Hillary and her part time husband Bill, particularly in relation to their criminal Clinton Foundation.

Has the FBI always been crooked too? You bet it has, with co-founder J. Edgar Hoover (above) the most corrupt FBI Director of all time. Hoover was a cross-dressing homosexual who protected himself by using the Federal law enforcement Agency to gather the dirt on anyone who could harm him or his partner. 

These dossiers included documented details of the Kennedys’ affairs and others mostly in the corporate sector that included Sinatra's Rat Pack

He then arranged for a highly successful TV series heralding the FBI as the protector of everything decently American using the popular star of black and white TV, Efrem Zimbalist Junior. (below)

Hoover himself often directed the stories that today still falsely hold the FBI in high regard across the political spectrum.

His power was immense as he politely let his subjects know the contents of their dossiers. He was able to get away with murder. No-one on the Hill was game to confront him due to the implicit details that had been gathered on everyone who could possibly be considered a threat.


His outrageous (at the time) homosexuality and proclivity for cross-dressing were politely ignored in the highest circles of government, the racecourse and the Mafia. He was the original untouchable.

 So why has the current Director, James Comey, who is actually a staunch Republican, ignored Clinton’s criminal activities? I mean he practically gave the case, chapter and verse, for her indictment.

Well, Director Comey does have a dark side when it comes to indicting people already proven innocent like the popular Martha Stewart who was initially investigated for insider trading in (curiously) her own stock of ImClone Systems. But when she was finally indicted in June 2003 on five criminal counts, none of them related to insider trading at all. 

Four counts involved false statements she had allegedly made while under investigation for the spurious charge of  insider trading.

There were other less than stellar accomplishments of Mr Comey, but none that would give credence to a protection racket that would favour Hillary Clinton. To be honest there is no such action of Comey’s that could cause him to be fearful of anything Clinton may retaliate with. 

Unless it matters that Clinton at the time was a mile ahead in the polls and looked a shoo-in for the Presidency. 

Clinton is certainly one for settling old scores and Obama would undoubtedly have had a finger in the pie for Clinton as Trump, if he wins, would shit all over his perceived legacy.

It is slowly proving that the CIA has been corrupted by Obama along with IRS, the Military, the State Department, the CIA, Homeland Security, and now the FBI among many others.

And it’s clear how he will manage in absentia to corrupt the US Supreme Court (the equivalent of our High Court) if Hillary gets up.

So the FBI has again fallen from grace, only this time the pressure is not from J. Edgar Hoover but from the Oval Office and it has kept Hillary alive for a little bit longer despite the fact that Obama hates her.

... but only a little less than Donald Trump

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


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