Sunday, June 22, 2014


Zacky Mallah, who has been radicalised right here where he was born, may spend up to 20 years in jail being unradicalised by a few tattooed Aussie inmates. 

In 2005 the Australian Federal Police charged Mallah under counter-terrorism laws and he was jailed in the maximum security multi-purpose unit at Goulburn for two years before being acquitted of the charge by Judge Wood CJ, who concluded that: “While I accept that the prisoner enjoyed posing as a potential martyr and may from time to time, in his own imagination, have contemplated taking the lives of others, I am satisfied that, in his more rational moments, he lacked any genuine intention of doing so.” Hmmm.

Well, there he was last night with his annoying little face on national TV, and somewhere in the war zone with other Islamic Australians, pleading for his Australian "mates” to come fight the holy war. But he returned saying he was just there to “have a look” and to have his photo taken with ISIS combatants, and did not actually fire his weapon. 

Mallah, who posts on this site claiming we are all "Right-wing extremists", says he is now living in fear for his life after local Sydney jihadists said they would kill him for co-operating with law enforcement agencies and ASIO. 

He is suspected of selling out local jihadists because he had not been arrested or even questioned on his return to Australia.

They warned him that if he attended prayers at Belmore or Lakemba mosques he would be killed. 

Mallah is now asking for financial assistance to return to Syria as soon as possible. He said, “Since returning from Syria, I have received numerous inquiries from Australians seeking to get over there and to contact the ISIS”.

He said that up to 250 local jihadists had travelled to the region so far and more were planning to follow.

As an Australian citizen he must be permitted re-entry and cannot have his passport cancelled but he can be charged and jailed under our new counter terrorism laws... unless of course he’s lucky enough to get Judge Wood JC.

Here he is displaying his Aussie values while promoting the new Bendigo mega mosque:

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