Monday, May 2, 2011

Image of Dead Bin Laden Fake: Pakistani TV

Islamabad. Pakistani television stations on Monday withdrew an image broadcast of the purported body of Osama bin Laden after his killing not far from Islamabad overnight, saying the picture was a fake.

Several private channels showed what they called an "unverified" picture of bin Laden's bloodied face after the United States said he had been killed.

"It was a fake picture, it was on the Internet in 2009," Rana Jawad, Islamabad bureau chief of Geo television, told AFP.

"When we checked we found it was fake and we pulled it out," he said.

Pakistani channels earlier showed the image of a face sporting a bushy and black beard with less of the white or grey hair detected in the most recent video footage of bin Laden when he was alive.

There were extensive blood stains on the forehead and left temple. The right eye was shut but the white of the left eye was visible. AFP

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